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Finally bought one!
Scratch map travel edition (world map) 🙂
Will be writing about it soon!



This 365 days of everyday blogging has a purpose.

The purpose for it is for my writing to improve as well as how I express myself.

If you haven’t noticed..

I do have posts dated every single day from January 1st of this year till February 21st but the posts wasn’t necessarily written on the same day as stated.

Sometimes, I post 3-4 entries in a day.

Doesn’t that defeat the very purpose of my “everyday” blogging?

I have come to realize that because of the posts that needed to be published, I actually rush my posts that the other posts come out as mediocre.

Instead of writing to my heart’s desire, I actually end up cramming posts and posting them without even proofreading!

Because of this, I’ve thought about not pushing through with the 365 pages of my 2014.

Instead of posting everyday, I’ll just  post as much as I can but still use “Page XXX of 365” as my title to signify what day is it of my 365 pages of 2014.

It will have less pressure on when I should write and it will give me more time to think my posts over.

Who would want to read a senseless post anyway, right?

Though I will still occasionally post about my random ramblings..

The overly senseless and pointless posts will be limited.

I think this change is for the better.

Quality over quantity.

Don’t  you think so too? 🙂


February 4, 2014

My new motto:




February 3, 2014

Since I’ve decided that I will push through with taking an entrance examination so that I can study Tourism, I wanted an inspiration.

After researching and checking out different airlines, there was one that really stood out for me.

It is no other than Emirates Airlines.

Aside from their crew being multi-cultural, the numerous blogs and websites that I’ve read highlighted how great their crew training is.

Yes, it scares me a bit but I know that if given a chance, I’d readily grab it and train as hard as I can to be the best cabin crew I can be.


I am 100% sure that I will take the opportunity.

They even have the best facilities that make their training seem real!

For now though, Emirates Airlines will serve as an inspiration for me to better myself in this new endeavor I’m about to face.

I’ll throw away all the shyness in me and release my stronger self.

I will do my best at the university I’m about to attend and will participate at organizations so that I will be trained well.

I want to beef up my resume so that when I graduate, Emirates Airlines will notice me and I’ll hopefully be given a chance to be part of their cabin crew.

For now, I still am not sure if they are accepting interns from the Philippines.

When I need a company for my internship though, I hope they do.

I’ve been reading and reading about being a cabin crew at their airline and it excites me more every time!

I can guarantee that this won’t be the last time I’ll be writing about Emirates Airlines.

What do you think about my new inspiration? 🙂


Let me be like this for tonight cause tomorrow, I’m bound to be stronger. (C) wanderrwithmee

I really feel down right now.

I feel like Rachel Zane (Suits character).

She feels that she is not capable of reaching or doing what she likes.

I’ll explain tomorrow.



As i have mentioned in my previous post(s), my dad in currently confined at a hospital.

Now, I am here inside his hospital room using Pinterest.

First thing’s first..

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a tool for collecting and
organizing things you love.

(c) Pinterest website

Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies. Users can browse other pinboards for images, “re-pin” images to their own pinboards, or “like” photos. The site was founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp. It is managed by Cold Brew Labs and funded by a small group of entrepreneurs and investors.

(c) Wikipedia

To cut the chase..

There are basically a gazillion (or even more) pictures there.

One picture or post is equivalent to one pin.

If a certain “pin” interests you, you can “re-pin” them at your own board or “like” it.

A board is basically your own category of pins.

You have your own profile and so does the other people who use Pinterest too.

You can follow one another and similar to facebook/tumblr, you have your own dashboard/news feed where you will be able to view your pins and the pins of those who you follow.

If you still can’t get it, checking out the website itself will do the trick.


And if you wanna see a sample page, you can check out mine here..


While at it, you can follow me there as well 🙂

Enjoy pinning!! :>


This is my 100th blog post!!


I want to grab this opportunity to thank you, my readers – if existent, for being patient in reading my random posts!

I know I have yet to be a great blogger/writer for you to regularly check on my blog.

But even though you only saw or read from my blog once, I still want to thank you!

I’m not the type who obsesses about the stats of my blog or the likes on my posts but the mere fact that I get more than 1 visit per day really makes me happy 🙂

Please join me as I continue to search for my passions and interests.

My want to improve my writing is not only for myself but also for the readers out there.

Let us not get cheesy.

So to cut the chase..

Thank you for being an inspiration for me to try to be my best blogger self, to express myself more and of course, to improve myself. ^^

Happy 100 posts to me!


Yesterday (January 4) made it official, I turned twenTEEN.

I know I should’ve foreseen that I wouldn’t be able to post something yesterday because of a gazillion errands that had to be run and that I should’ve drafted something the day before but..

Oh well, what can I still do right?

And because of that, I’ll be posting two for today!

YAY! (full of sarcasm)

But hey, words are free flowing from my mind right now so why not take advantage right?

How I celebrated my birthday will be a bit detailed on my next post but for now, I’ll enumerate the things I want to give my 21 year old self next year .(as promised!)

I honestly haven’t filtered/revised the things I’ve listed but I’m still going to post them anyway.


Here it goes..

  1. a beach body – I’m serious!! I already miss my former self. The one who effortlessly doesn’t gain much and is always a swim-bikini ready person! Not the drool kind of ready but still..you get me right?
  2. a getaway withOUT relatives – I know, I know. Nothing beats family but I really really want to experience this! It’s like a big step into coming out of my comfort zone. It need not be for at least two days or something..almost a day can be considered!
  3. ATM with at least Php *0,000 – The ” * ” was really placed there. No typographical error. I can save a lot. The problem is that I can only save when I have something I need or want to save up for. I can’t just save for the sake of saving. It is something I should fix for myself and for my future also. I will start monitoring my finances well.
  4. new phone – Just because my phone is slowly giving up on me already. You know what they say..”slowly but surely”. I think that is what my phone is doing right now. HAHAHA!
  5. new sets of undergarments (okay I hope no guy reads this. lol. just kidding) – I want to feel a new woman lady. I don’t know..I think even if those pieces of clothing are literally under your garments, it can give you that little push you need. Think self-confidence.
  6. “me” day at least every other month – because I want time to think and de-stress and just enjoy being me. Time to appreciate my life and the things and people around me. 🙂
  7. fixed sleep cycle – Yes, fixeD. Meaning I’ve already done it. I know some people might think that it is still early to think about ageing and all but I wouldn’t wanna risk my skin and appearance just to find out if an unfixed sleep cycle is really not a good idea.
  8. bikini picture – This has been long overdue. Actually, my best friend and I wanted to do this a few years back but for some reason, we weren’t able to do it. Last week, I had an opportunity to take one because I was at Boracay but I didn’t. Why? Because I don’t think I still can. I want it to be taken when I feel like I won’t be ashamed if someone (but me) will see it.
  9. belly piercing – This can be done anytime but then again, I would like to get it done when I actually have the guts to have others see it as well.
  10. friends I would want to be friends with till I grow old – Sounds cheesy eh? Unlike other people who treat their acquaintances (which they refer to as friends) as collections, I need not have plenty of friends. What I want are those friends who I know will be there with me no matter what happens. And of course, I will do the same for them.

So yeah..

That is what I have listed so far.

What do you think? 🙂

P.s I didn’t proof read. Sorry for the errors.


It has been almost three weeks since my last update.

The past month was really toxic and I’ve been preparing for so many things at the same time which includes the successful My Everything Global Tour of Lee Min Ho here in Manila.

I think to complete every fan girl’s experience, it is a MUST to attend your ultimate bias’ concert if he’s a singer or a fan meet if he or she is not.

But of course, attending both will be better.

Luckily for me, I got to attend both and scored a meet & greet also!

His fan meet was held here in Manila last year dated November 16 of 2012 and two days after, a hand shake meet & greet was held.

His My Everything Global Tour stop in Manila was just last Saturday, July 6, 2013.

Words cannot express how much every Minoz – what the fans of Lee Min Ho are called – enjoyed the concert.

Every penny was worth it!

He was worth all the effort every single person there exerted just to see him.

Until now, I’ve read from their forum that they still couldn’t get over the concert (and him).

He is the most down to earth international star they know and the love he has for his fans can be felt by them personally.

He has this certain charm that one cannot resist.

Personally, I saved up for a VIP seat just to see him for the third time.

No regrets. AT ALL.

Because the atmosphere was so lively, I didn’t have time to focus the camera so for the quality of the photos, forgive me just this once. 😛

(Some pictures are not mine and were grabbed from my fellow Minoz and other news websites)

Lee Min Ho arrived in NAIA1 around 11PM, July 4, 2013.

945682_10151294993782465_2014292853_n 1000834_390309464412469_822372959_n 1006216_525614297487517_2116222835_n 787351569 BOVxN4WCAAAiPBJThe following day, he attended the ribbon cutting of Bench tower at 3PM then proceeded with the press conference and numerous other more interviews.

scratching his head

scratching his head

with Mr. Ben Chan

with Mr. Ben Chan


his tongue out habit!

his tongue out habit!

ribbon cutting

ribbon cutting

smiling oppa

smiling oppa

He ate at Aracama this night at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig –near Bench Tower.

The next day was his concert!

people lining up to get into the MOA Arena

people lining up to get into the MOA Arena

in my seat while waiting for the concert to start

in my seat while waiting for the concert to start

oppa singing My Everything

oppa singing My Everything


cutie pie!!

kare-kare was his answer. cutie picture!!

his favorite Line icon

his favorite Line icon


after drinking water!

after drinking water!

1002386_480751828685686_356355355_n 1004061_480570685370467_1509846947_n 1005173_10151299780302465_129253214_n 1010674_481558681938334_123948334_n 1017363_481026141991588_347234255_n 1017536_481560878604781_430855939_n 1043909_480878075339728_613602753_n 1044516_480751712019031_1807748346_n

gwiyomi attempt!

gwiyomi attempt!

66806_480571348703734_1252292712_n 264440_481026438658225_367115749_n 971138_481025005325035_991872134_n



what my fellow Minoz feel. hahaha. my best moment is yet to come!

what my fellow Minoz feel. hahaha. my best moment is yet to come!

before exiting

before exiting

saying bye

saying bye

the final bow

the final bow

the aftermath

the aftermath

after the concert

after the concert

where he ate after the concert :)

where he ate after the concert 🙂

after eating

after eating

His stay here was really really memorable for all the Minoz.

We know him even better now and we feel his love even more.

Every one is wishing for a part 3 visit here in Manila.

I hope next time when he comes here, even for just vacation, I get to see him and hopefully be in the same island as him.

Palawan? Boracay? Anywhere with him is fine!!



Before heading back to South Korea, he had dinner with his Bench family.

Here are some of the photos they took.

dinner at Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati with his Bench family

dinner at Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati with his Bench family

Now he’s back in South Korea.

His life is like a movie!

Look at the way he carries himself.

All the photographs of him are magazine cover ready!!

999506_481022265325309_1799204888_n 580499_480844512009751_1498254853_n

His July 8 update..




Wow! Just look at how many people lined up early just to see him!

Concert starts at 8PM and even though the sun was shining so bright, they didn’t care.


My conclusion?


He is someone who is loved by all not only because of his looks but also because of his personality.

That is it for now.

Till next time!



For this nomination, I’d like to thank Chef Cams and Wietske. 🙂

Rules & Guidelines:

1.) Post 11 random facts about yourself

2.) Answer 11 questions made by the person that nominated you

3.) Create 11 questions for the bloggers you pass the award to

4.) Choose 5 bloggers or more to pass the award to and mention them in your post

5.) Go to their blog and let them know that they have been nominated

6.) No tag backs


11 Random Facts About Little Miss Wanderr

1. I (absolutely, certainly, whole-heartedly) am a fan of Lee Min Ho.

2. I am a sucker for dark chocolates!

3. I like dressing up and experiment outfits in my head but it is seldom that I do actually wear my “creations”. They stay in my head.

4. The travel bug never fails to bite me every single day which makes me want to travel more and more each day.

5. I’ve read a couple of novels and my favourite is The Doomsday Conspiracy by Sidney Sheldon.

6. I’m fond of shoes with high heels. My highest pair is a pair of platform pumps with approxiately 5-5.5″ heels. (Note: I’m around 5.5-5.6 ft)

7. I am currently a 3rd year Marketing Management college student at a university in the Philippines.

8. I have two mobile phones – one of which I don’t use – and a tablet which can keep me occupied even for a whole day.

9. Frankly, I couldn’t remember the last time I was satisfied with my body. :/

10. I think I have a mild case of OCD. (Ex. I always make sure the chairs are pushed back after using it)

11. I change the tooth brush I use every month.


11 Questions I Have to Answer (Chef Cams)

1. Which country are you most interested in visiting and why?

The Land of the Morning Calm a.k.a. Korea. North or South? BOTH! North Korea because I am really curious with what is in there and how people there live, what they do and how “different” – if they really are – from South Koreans or other people in general. South Korea because I am intrigued with their culture, the scenic places there, the people and of course Lee Min Ho. ^^

2. If you are to be a fruit, what would you be and why?

A coconut. A coconut looks harsh from the outside but in reality, it is really very delicate. The first impression of people on me is that I am unapproachable, not kind and unfriendly. But once they get to know me, they say otherwise.

3. What attitude does the majority perceive of you?

When they don’t know me yet, they always think that I am not friendly.

4. What is the funniest thing you’ve ever done?

I really couldn’t remember the funniest. Maybe I can share the one or two of the most memorable instead? First, I’ve tried not sleeping for more than 24 hours and going straight to the mall at 5 AM to line up to be one of the first 40 to purchase a certain amount to have a meet and greet and pass for Min Ho’s visit here in Manila. The mall opens at 10 AM.  Second, I was at my neighbour’s house till around 5 AM because we were drinking. I have a class the following day and our school service fetches us at 5:45 AM. I took a bath and went straight to school. I was 4th year high school at that time. (I don’t drink anymore :>)

5. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? And why?

Harry Potter all the way! I have been a Harry Potter fan for the longest time – since it started around 12 years ago. I can relate to the characters of Harry Potter because it felt like I was growing up with them. With the Lord of the Rings, it really didn’t catch my attention. I haven’t actually watched it yet.

6. What is something that you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t done yet?

Travel the world. Aside from the fact that I don’t have enough funds yet, I also don’t have time for long time travels because I am still a student. Though I am starting to work on it by going somewhere far at least once a year. You can view my bucket list here. 🙂

7. If you are to choose what animal you want to be, what and why?

An eagle. Detailed explanation here.

  • Eagles fly alone at high altitudes
  • Eagles have strong vision
  • Eagles hunt.
  • Eagles love storm
  • Eagles test before they trust
  • Eagles are good mentors
  • Old eagles pluck out their own feathers

8. What is your comfort food?

It varies. I don’t have a certain type of food that I want to eat when I’m stressed or depressed. I just like to eat and eat. 🙂

9. Airplane or Cruise Ship, and why?

As of the moment, airplanes. I haven’t tried riding a cruise ship so I wouldn’t really know what I prefer out of the two but once I get to, I promise to update this. Haha. But seriously, I think cruise ships are fun to be on. You get to do a lot of things in there like shopping, dining, swimming, playing sports, dancing and so many more. Also, you get an opportunity to mingle with other people freely and actually enjoy the breeze the ocean has to offer. It is just that it is way way way more expensive that airplane rides.

10. What is your favorite sport?

Hmm.. this is tough. Badminton?

11. What are 8 things you can’t do without, and why?

a. Lee Min Ho – not that he is mine but he inspires me a lot. I know it sounds a bit strange but I am a person who really finds a hard time to do something when I am not inspired. I motivate myself through him and make him one of the reasons why I keep striving to become a better individual.

b. My tablet – because it keeps me occupied and relieves me from the stresses of everyday. I keep updated on events and news through it and it keeps me company when I want company. It entertains me when needed and continues to make my mind be alert.

c. Music stored on my gadget – it helps me concentrate even on the smallest things and helps me sleep sometimes.

d. Free Wi-Fi – We’ve had Wi-Fi for years now in our house that it has become usual for me to always have an access to the internet. It is connected to what I’ve listed in B which is my tablet. They come hand in hand in entertaining me and keeping me updated.

e. BB Cream – because I am a lady. Hahaha. Enough said!

f. O2 Optix contact lenses – because I am almost blind. Well, not really. The grade of my lenses are both 375 (+3.75). I am not comfortable when I wear eye glasses and because I sometimes doze off while wearing them so they get deformed. I am particular with the brand because since I doze off while wearing them a lot, this brand allows me to do so even for 6 straight days. It is safe because it has more oxygen compared to the regular lenses.

g. Caleb! – my tofu doll. I feel uneasy when I sleep without him. It became a habit to hug him. Before I sleep, I hug him and when I wake up in a different angle, side or position, I am still hugging him. ^^


h. Water! I love drinking water that I average drinking 3-4 glasses of water when I eat outside and around 2-3 when I eat at home plus more water when I just feel like drinking.


Questions I Have to Answer (Wietske)

1. When you were in primary school, what was your dream job? And what is it now?

I wanted to become a dentist and a model at the same time. Now, I want to be a host of a travel program!

2. What is your favorite movie and why?

Chinese Zodiac as of the moment. Because everything is there – action, romance, comedy.

3. What music do you listen too when you are down?

I am really not the type who listens to too much upbeat songs so even when I’m down, I listen to my “chill” playlist which has slow and soothing songs.

4. Would you rather spend money on shampoo or on conditioner?

Shampoo. Given that my hair is oily – healthy oily – it would be too much if I don’t use shampoo! 🙂

5. In what way are you connected to Korea?

I have friends there and my heart is connected to it in some way I just couldn’t find the right words to explain it. ^^


11 Questions to be Answered by the Nominated Bloggers

1. Who do you idolize the most and why?

2. Do you consider yourself an addict to something? If yes, what is it?

3. Your greatest fear is?

4. What is your current favourite song? How come?

5. Which country would you want to explore the most? Why?

6. The most risky decision you’ve ever made is?

7. If you can see the world through someone’s eyes for a day, who would it be and why?

8. Do you like/love or liked/loved school? Why?

9. When you were little, what was your dream job?

10. Now, what job would you like to have?

11. Do you have a favourite quotation or motto? Please share it ^^


Amazing Bloggers I Have Nominated!

1. http://loveghs.wordpress.com

2. http://minholee175.wordpress.com

3. http://www.vernverniece.com/

4. http://atouchofkorean.wordpress.com/

5. http://dbeeeee.wordpress.com

6. http://lifelovekorea.wordpress.com

7. http://mykoreannotebook.wordpress.com

8. http://kuuleilani.wordpress.com


P.S: If you are to link me in your blog, please use https://wanderrwithmee.wordpress.com/about/ instead because without the /about/, I don’t receive any notification. Thank you 🙂

Just yesterday, I posted about Lee Min Ho going back to Manila for his album tour concert.

And today, unsurprisingly, I am posting about him again!

His album is entitled “My Everything”.

And he really is… my everything.


Okay enough of that.

It is confirmed by everyone including Manila Concert Scene and Wilbros Live, the event organizer, that he will be coming back to Manila for his one night only concert.

It will be on July 6 of 2013!!

When he first came here because of Bench/, it was held at Smart Araneta Coliseum. (Blogged about it before here)

This time, it will at the MOA Arena!

Lucky me because it is closer to my house which means I have one less reason for me not to make it.

Not that I will not make it if it is farther.

I will do everything I can to attend!

All I have to do as of now is to save up for the concert tickets.

I actually have no idea yet as how much it will cost but I’d really be glad if I’ll be able to afford the VVIP tickets and meet & greet passes if possible (if ever there is)!

I am very much ecstatic and all my sleepiness has gone in an instant!

A shout-out to the event organizers:

If you need an additional blogger for Lee Min Ho’s press-con or anything related to him, feel free to contact me and I will do it without hesitation! Feel free to do so okay? Thank you!!

And that is what you call a shameless shout-out.

Much love,


Letting go is probably one of the hardest things to do in life.

The relationship acquired, the time spent or just the mere value of a certain person or thing to us will be tested.

But why do we need to let go?

Can’t we just hold on to it a little bit more?

Every situation is different in itself.

Re-evaluation is needed to get those timely answers.

Not right answers because i think *right* is subjective when it comes to relationships.

It is always best to try hard in doing everything that you can and not giving up but one should learn to let go as well – if it is for the better.

Finally decided to let go?

Let go and move forward.

Many people find it hard to move on after letting go but I still think that with these things, no one else can see the bigger picture better more than yourself.

We cannot expect anyone to vouch for us except for ourselves.

One should learn to fight and stand up.

I’ve thought about it for such a long time already and I think I am ready to let go..

And that I actually have to let go already.

I have to let go of the other side of me.

There is always a room for improvement.

Not that one has to be perfect but I believe everyone should maximize their potentials for us to live our lives to the fullest.

You may wonder what I mean by letting go of the other side of me.

Well, I want to change my lifestyle starting today.

Yes, today.

I’ll start by changing my sedentary lifestyle.

I want to be more active and do other activities – those that require me to get out of bed.

Starting next week, I will try my very very very best to go to the gym near my house at least twice a week.

I need not spend the whole day there or lift weights.

30 minutes of running is enough for a “gym day”.

I will change my sleep cycle.

As crazy as it may sound, I can’t remember the last time I slept at 10 PM or even till 12 MN.

I always sleep late.

Usually around 4 AM but last week my sleep cycle has been even more crazy – I sleep at around 6 to 7 AM.

I am definitely not a morning person but I think I should train myself to become one.

Waking up early.

This may be the hardest thing to do since I LOVE SLEEPING more than I love food.


I usually don’t take breakfast since I am still asleep at that time.

My body clock tells me after 8 hours of sleep to wake up and if I sleep at 4 AM, after 8 hours, what do you think the time will be?

You do the math.

Clothes, things and my room.

Everyone grows physically.

(Not necessarily horizontally.)

But until when should I hold on to the clothes that did fit me a year or years before and now it doesn’t?

I keep holding on to it thinking that I can still wear it when I lose some weight.

For my things, I am sometimes too sentimental that I keep even the things that are considered trash by many.

The result?

A messy room.

And so I’ve decided to let go and just sell them for cheap so that I’ll have funds to buy new clothes and things.

A cleaner environment = a more stable mind.

There have actually been studies that proved how a clean room boosts one’s mental capacity!

I am a student.

I SHOULD go to school everyday and not be lazy even when I have no tests.

I’ll try joining organizations and be active in them since it will be for my future.

Even though I have no tests, I should still study at home even for just a short while.

For now, that is my plan.

Right after I post this, I’ll start cleaning my room. 🙂

How about you?

Any plans of letting go?


Travel not for the sake of travelling but travel to experience other cultures and new things and from there, you’ll learn about life and the world as a whole.


After much contemplation on what  my first entry should be about, I decided to write about me and this journal as a whole.

I must admit that I’m still a noob at writing and that I may not be the best writer ever but rest assured that what I will be sharing will only be what I deem as the truth + some random happenings and rants in my life.

Just like what my tagline says, “A little girl wandering and exploring the world to find the beauty in all things. Eat. Learn. Travel. Inspire. Love. A backpacker someday”, I am a NINEteen year old college student – though people tell me that I am pretty much mature for my age – who loves to eat, learn from and listen to others, travel to as many places as I could, share what I know and an aspiring backpacker.

Expect to read random posts from here like what happened to my day, restaurant and food reviews – even recommendations, bags & wallets, shoes (which I love), novels I’ve read or am reading, posts related to Korea and its culture + my biases, travel-related posts and so much more.

An outlet of me is what I would like to call this journal since I plan to update it as much as I could and express myself without fear. I am a bit OC at certain things, sarcastic at times  and too hyperactive as well but I am pretty much up for anything.

Let’s Play!





–wanderrwithmee ✈

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