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February 6, 2014

My sister (Cams) and I slept over at our eldest sister’s (Carmi) home last night.

Even though it was a weeknight, we chatted until 12 MN!

We cut our conversation short because my eldest sister had less than 4 hours left to sleep before she needs to prepare for work.

One of our topics was how am I supposed to tell my parents about my want to study Tourism instead of Marketing Management which I’m taking up right now and Customs Administration which my dad wants me to take up for our family business.

To cut the chase, we agreed on not telling our parents first.

What I’ll do is that I’ll get all the requirements needed by myself and have it processed first.

Then, I’ll take up the entrance exam.

If I pass, that will be the only time I’m going to tell them about my want to change my course.

So for now..

My only concern is that I NEED to pass that entrance exam.

I need to pass because I badly want that course.

I have to study for the exam while not getting their attention.


I am not sure.

I’m going to try answering random tests online I guess.

Any recommendations?

It’ll really mean a lot to me.

Ciao! 🙂


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