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근양 or keunyang means just / simply / just because.. hence the title. ^o^
These past few days has been a wild ride for me.
From school works till family matters.
Everything honestly seems to be going out of hand.
I honestly have perfected the art of being passive..or so I thought.
It is just that lately a lot of extreme things are happening around me that I can’t seem to have a control of anything which frustrates me.
Not that I have a problem with not being in control of everything but……..it is just like that.
I must admit that before, I used to be overly sensitive – –  when I was much much younger.
TRUST ME. My relatives tell me this a lot.
My relatives from my mother’s side loves teasing each other.
It is their unique way of expressing I care for you so I’m spending my time with you even if I’m teasing you.
They believe in “ang maasar, talo” which means you lose if you get frustrated or annoyed and the like. (I can’t seem to find the right word)
Before, I easily get annoyed, angry, I cry and I even throw tantrums.
As I grew up, my tolerance for these things grew and made me “a more mature individual” (I think. ^^)
I don’t get easily angry or annoyed when small bad things happen. Sometimes even big ones.
I learned to adjust well to my surroundings and to the circumstances presented to me.
I’m not sure whether my recent frustration is due to my over thinking mind, my usual OC self or just because the people around me are just taking advantage of everything that they can.
I have been passive of the small and average bad things that people around me are doing but they just keep on stepping on the line and just recently, they have crossed it!
They went over the acceptable boundaries!
For the cold treatment I am giving them now, I can give no other excuse to them but 근양.
Yes, I am younger than them but age doesn’t dictate what level of respect a person has to give to you.
Not because I am younger means I am the person who should understand more and let their actions just pass.

Okay. Enough of the rant. Just had to let it out.

– – – wanderrwithmee

In my university, we follow a trimestral system – three terms in a school year. Hence, the hours allotted per subject is definitely less than the usual. Due to this, our school officials are really strict when it comes to holidays and suspensions due to the weather. Also, the pace of our study is a bit faster too.

Some may see it as a negative thing but in my university, they ensure that even though we graduate earlier because of our curriculum, we are very much capable, we are trained well and we are given enough experience and practical knowledge for the new world we are going to transition to. Talk about quality education!

In every university, they call the week before finals the “hell week”. This is so because this is the week where everyone is making up for whatever they missed, finalizing all the projects, studying for the final exams, preparing for thesis defense and much more.

Though our university is still far away from the supposed “hell week” which will be around the 2nd week of April, my schedule has really been hectic that I am sometimes up until around 4-5 a.m.

Last Saturday marks the end of my Korean 1 classes. (WHICH I PASSED. YAY!) After 10 weeks of “diligently” studying and memorizing, I really want a breather. School works are suffocating already. Because of this, I am trying my best to slack off – which is normally not a good thing – to release stress by watching movies & dramas online, by surfing the net and blogging which hopefully I can do often.

This post is getting too long I guess. Until the next one! ♥


—wanderrwithmee ✈

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