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I’ve been on a law of attraction zone again.

After reading “3 Acts of Bravery That Could Change Your 2014”, I got a few quotes that rung a bell for me.

Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will. 

Think of your comfort zone as a bubble. A big, old, boring bubble. It’s stagnant. Keeping you from the world and the world from you.

Break out of your routine. Do something crazy. Move out. Go buy a plane ticket and be the story instead of hearing the story.

While reading this article, I kept on thinking about how I have lived my life so far.

I was always in my own bubble never wanting to take risks because of how afraid I am of failure.

With this article though, something in me has awakened.

I want to go out there and experience life.

My recent sad experience did affect me.

Though I must admit that I still haven’t gotten back to my original self yet because the experience affected me a lot.

Yes, I am a bit scared but I would like to believe that time heals everything and that failure is better than not starting anything because of fear.

You can read the full article here.

Thoughts? 🙂


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