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As of now, I really can’t explain what I’m feeling.
I’m neither happy nor sad.
Hence the title.
And as for why, I shall explain.

I am happy because..

Today we had a healthy family late lunch/early dinner.
My sister who studied culinary arts and I were in charge of our food.
Even though it was tiring, it was worth it.
Family day for us is special because it doesn’t happen often because my eldest sister has her own house now and because everyone is busy.

Our return trip flight is confirmed already.
Finally, I have a return ticket booked!
Though it is more than triple in price compared to my outgoing ticket, it was a good deal.
I am so excited for our trip!!

I am sad because..

My laptop won’t open.
It has been two days since it last opened.
Once in a blue moon, the same thing happens but it takes less than a day to one day maximum for it to open.
Yes, my sister and I have a spare small laptop in our room but the bigger one is so much more comfortable to use especially when blogging.
(I don’t have moolah to buy one because of ze plane tickets! Someone please send me a laptop. Huhuhu.)
Also, I have queued posts there!
+ pictures for my upcoming food blogs
+ my trip plans (all the things I have researched – for MONTHS –  related to travel)
+ my music files
+ personal files I haven’t sorted nor posted
+ so much more 😦

Thankfully, WordPress has an app for Android devices so I am able to post one now.
But I must admit, it is difficult to upload pictures here and fix posts..

Nevertheless, I am sorry cause I will not be able to post food blogs for the time being.
For now I might be posting more personal stuff and journal-like entries.

What I am now?
양다리 / yang da ri means sitting on a fence or straddling.
It is usually used when you are torn between two things.

That is it for now!

– – – wanderrwithmee

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