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I know this post is long over due but..
Better late than never right? ^^

Branch : Mu Noodle Bar, Glorietta Mall, Makati City





First, the basics!
When we asked our server what their best selling drink is, with no hesitation, he said “Honey Lemon Tea”.
And so we ordered it.
Here it is..


It is – without a doubt – an authentic tea.
It was super yummy and worth trying!!
When I get a chance to eat here again, I’ll never pass on this one.

Second, the food.

Beef Fried Rice!


It was so flavourful and yummy.
Though it is slightly too eggy – my own word for too much egg – for me^o^
It is quite similar to chinese fried rice.
I think it’ll be better if they add more beef to it.
Not that it lacks beef but I think it should taste more beefy than eggy since it is beef fried rice.
I wonder how their egg fried rice will taste like.

Red Lamb Curry

It is not spicy. At all.
I’m not sure if it is just me but whenever I see the word curry, almost always, it has a hint of spice in it.
Nevertheless, the lamb taste was really evident.
Not the flavoring kind but because the lamb was really really fresh.
It just had some bones and there was a bit of a bitter after taste.
My sister who studied culinary arts said it was probably because the herb in the dish was slightly cooked more than usual which gives that after taste.

MU Oyster Cake

It was really delicious.
It tastes better when served when the cheese just melted – then no salted egg or less.
Don’t get me wrong.. I am a fan of salted eggs but I don’t think too much is necessary for this dish.
The crust complemented the dish well.
Bonus: the bean sprouts were imported
Though if you’re dining alone or just with another person, the dish might overwhelm you if you are not a big fan of oysters – big oysters.
But if you are with a group, feel free to share it and eat it while it’s hot.


Next, their house specialty.

Beef Noodle Soup -miso stock- thin noodles plus extra egg!

For this dish, you can tweak it a little bit by choosing your soup base and the width of your noodles.
It was served sizzling hot which was great.
The pasta was perfectly al dente.
You can really taste the beef.
For the egg, it was soft boiled perfectly!
The yolk was oozing.
You can get around 5 small bowls from it – for sharing.
Eat it while it is hot.
When not hot, we found it a bit salty.



Last but not the least, the staff.

The service was really great.
They present themselves with a smiling face all the time.
Also, they know the menu really well.
Because it was our first visit, we had a lot of questions but our server was able to answer every single question!
Their excellent ambiance was just a bonus.




That is it for now!

– – – wanderrwithmee
Ambiance –  5/5
Servers –  5/5
Price –  4/5
Food – 3.5/5
Satisfaction –  7.5/10
Recommend : Sure!

PS: I heard their original branch offers so much more. 🙂

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