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I woke up by the beach.


It was an experience I will never forget!

You can read the whole story of how that happened here.

Though I slept past 4 in the morning, I woke up at around 6 in the morning.

Yes, my sleep was that short but it honestly didn’t feel like it!

It felt as if I had slept for 8 hours.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw the clouds.

I’m not sure if I have written it here before but I really love the clouds.

I love taking pictures of it during airplane rides which is why I always want to seat next to the window.

That is also the reason why I don’t take a nap right away or I don’t take a nap at all especially during short flights.

I grab the opportunity to admire them while in the airplane.

Getting back..

The morning breeze was perfect.

Everything was perfect when I opened my eyes.

The nephews of my brother in law were playing while swimming.

I was impressed because I know it was impossible for the sea water not to be ice cold at that time.

And because they were guys, they were topless.

Imagine how cold they’ll feel!

I chatted with my eldest sister who was also awake at that time.

After an hour or so, I decided to get some more sleep.

My sleep only lasted for less than an hour.

But then again, it didn’t feel like it.

We headed back to their house to wash up and prepare for the burial hours later.

After washing up, we ate and chilled for a while.

We were at the back when the elders were singing and praying for the deceased.

Then, we headed to the town church and heard mass.

Afterwards, we went to the cemetery and the burial took place.

R.I.P  Tatay. Watch over us!

Tatay is similar to father/dad.

We call my brother in law’s dad, Tatay.


It was a last minute plan when my sister and I decided to come with my eldest sister and her family to Batangas.

It was really not just a simple getaway.

The real reason why we went there is because we were going to attend the wake and burial of my eldest sister’s husband’s father.

We call him “Tatay” which also means father/dad.

Yes, we are not blood related but we still call him tatay.

Aside from him being like a father to all, as an individual, he is genuinely kind..not only to the people he knows well but also to random people and the people he just met.

His kindness and intelligence has long been an inspiration to many and because of that, I’m pretty sure that he will never be forgotten.

He has made his mark into people’s hearts.

It was almost around 9 in the evening when my eldest sister’s family fetched us at home.

Our mom had sandwiches and other snacks packed for our 3-hour trip to Lobo, Batangas.

During the whole trip, everyone got their little dose of sleep.

Except me.

I kept talking to my brother in law who is driving because I know he’s tired and really lacked sleep these past few days.

He actually said that he only had 3 hours of sleep in 2 days!


As we arrived at the wake, I realized that it was a familiar place.

Then it hit me.

It was beside their house which I have visited before.

I’m not sure if it was here already when I last visited this place around 5 years ago.

It was a small chapel.

They had it built inside their very spacious lot which houses a lot of homes – homes of their relatives.

Stories were exchanged and while we were there.

Then we decided to play cards.

It has been a habit and somewhat like a tradition here in the Philippines that when there is a wake, there are really groups of people who play cards or Mahjong.

They don’t necessarily gamble but usually, the elders do.

In Tatay’s wake, it was a bit different.

Though the elders were playing Mahjong, I didn’t really see if there was money involved.

On the other table were a little younger set compared to the elders who were playing cards.

Beside them were benches who were sat on by teens and some of their parents.

I’m not sure what they were playing but their punishment was to have something written on their face by the use of  coal!

They were really having fun while playing.

I don’t know what is in the wakes I go to but usually, when I go to a distant relative or a relative’s wake, the people there are usually not the silent types.

Yes, they mourn but they won’t let it stop them from being happy.

We have this way of thinking that the deceased person would want his/her burial to be happy and not see his/her loved ones sad.

My table on the other hand is composed of both my sisters and my sister’s boyfriend.

At first, we were really just playing with no bets.

That was before we thought of a great plan.

We got the snacks that we brought for the trip and got a few and divided it equally among us.

You got that right!

We used food as our bets.

To cut the chase, I ended up with the most food.


But I didn’t eat everything since I was so full.

At around 4 AM (yes, we didn’t sleep till that time), we decided to walk to the beach since we planned to sleep there.

The walk lasted for around 7 minutes because it was dark so we slowly walked.

When we reached the beach, it was cold but warm at the same time.

I don’t know how to explain it but the wind felt nice.

We brought our own sheets and spread it out above the sand.

The nephews of my brother in law got some wood and made a bonfire.

It was a fun experience!!

P.S Sleeping by the beach is on my bucket list… and now, I can tick it off :>

Also, having a bonfire is on my list..another one I can tick of!

You can see my not-so-finished bucket list here.

That is it for now.




Today is Sunday.

And Sundays are supposed to be rest days…

But here I am with my homework.

You may ask what homework do I have since I am technically on leave in school.

Well.. I have a set of notes to review.

My dad made it and it is for me to read and understand so that I’ll get a hold of the work we do everyday faster.

Even though I explain what it is in, I’m pretty sure you won’t understand it.

So anyway..

To the exciting part of this post..

My high school friends are planning a Boracay trip!

Since one of my friends’ mom bought shares for a resort chain, my friend said that she’ll be in charge of our accommodation for our whole stay there and we just have to pay for her plane tickets!

That bargain is actually good!

For me, it is fine since I don’t wanna contact my sister’s godfather who happens to have a resort in Boracay also.

Back in April 2011 and just last December 2013, we already stayed at their resort for free.

I don’t want them to think that we always contact them for free stays alone. (We really have nothing to talk about)


If it pushes through, I’m sure that we’ll have loads and loads of fun and unforgettable memories!

I won’t let the chance of joining another Pub Crawl pass too!

I’ll make sure they experience it 🙂


Before I go there..

I’ll make sure that I’ll be able to take a bikini picture worth showing to someone but myself.

So fitness first!!

What do you think? 🙂



Okay so… I don’t really know how to start this.
How should you  start something like this.. Ummmmm….
I believe this is the first time I’m writing a (serious) letter to you.
And the first time ever I’m going to write an open letter.
Okay scrap everything above this line..
Here it goes..

Hey Marj!

It has been around 5 years and 4 months since I first talked to you. (¬¬June,2008)
I still remember that day when we had a grouping.
We were supposed to form a group of 6.
We were both in it.
I must admit that my first impression of you isn’t far from the others…that you are frank and that you don’t back down.
And as time passed by, I realized that it is one of your charms.
A charm that may have brought you, Arianna and I into a friendship that would last more than a lifetime.
Getting cheesy?

I can’t say that our fights make us stronger because….we don’t fight.
Honestly, can you ever remember a time when we fought!?
I know..we are not normal.
And when have we ever been right?
We always have this inexplicably cray moments together that just always dominates and makes everything else disappear.
And those moments that we’ve shared are priceless.
Now, to add to those memories, we don’t have to wait!
There’s this thing called the internet you know!!
It is such an amazing discovery.
Haha. Okay nuff of that.
Please promise us (Yana&I) that you’ll buy an android phone ASAP!
And that you’ll download all the applications I’m gonna ask you to download.
Yes, we are not the clingy type of best friends but I think that is because we know at the back of our minds that we are just around and that any time, we can call each other and meet up.
That is not the case now.
I don’t want you to be sad because of this because I know it is hard to leave.
(Especially because Yana & I can meet up any time. Hahaha. Okay, evil me.)
We can still bond and talk over the phone and whatnot.
For the physical meet up, we might have to wait for at least 2 years.
But c’mon, I don’t think that can affect the kind of friendship that we have.
We just have to be patient^^

For others, 5 years of friendship isn’t long.
Well, it is and is not at the same time.
It is because I know there are a lot more years of friendship ahead of us.
It is not because whatever we talk about (you know what I mean) is what friends with 10+++ years of friendship talk about!
We have nothing to hide to each other and we don’t fear being judged because of our imperfections.
We are sane and insane at the same time.
We have times wherein we just watch a movie and have dinner then go home but it doesn’t make our bonding less important compared to others.
No amount of words need to be spoken when we’re around.
There is just this certain connection we have that we don’t have with others.
That is what makes our friendship special and uncomparable.

For the moments that we could’ve spent together when you’re still here, let us not regret it.
C’mon..it’s not like we’re dying!
We can wait..no matter how long it is.
Because our friendship is worth waiting for.

While we’re apart physically, we have to save remember?
We still have to travel together!!

And as for your stay in Virginia, I hope you can adjust well right away.
Don’t be lazy and get out of the house!
Make friends like what you do here.
Finish college.
Work if you want but don’t overstress yourself.
When you have moolah already, you know what Yana and I want.
HAHAHA. I kid.

I know this is getting too long already..
I just hope that while reading this, you’ve shed a tear or two because that is one of my objectives. *evil smile*

As of now I’m at a salon..still contemplating if I should meet you at the airport before you leave…..
Call me a chicken for my reason but I think it’ll be hard to stop my tears.
Oh yah..before I forget..
Mom told me she wanted to cook Chicken Curry for you! And that I should’ve brought that instead to your despedida.
Sadly, time is not on our side now.
Instead, she’ll cook it for you when you return.
Orrrrrrrr if I already know her recipe, I’ll cook it for you and Yana 🙂

I think this is about it for now..
Always remeber that I am here for you and that I’ll always be.
Feel free to message me anytime.
We’re gonna miss you loads Marj!!!!
More cray moments when you come back (or when we go there).
I love you :*

Much love,


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