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February 14, 2014

Warning: This is, by all means, a fan girl post.

First, I wanna greet all of you a happy valentines day!

I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did.

Contrary to what you might be thinking right now..

No, I don’t have a date.

I didn’t even go out of the house today!

Barely got out of bed too.

What made me enjoy it?


I was de-stressed today.

Thought about nothing else but making myself feel comfortable.

I missed my bed because I haven’t been home much lately and I made it a point that I spent more time on the bed than out of it today.

I read, watched TV and just slept.

Before valentines day ended also, I read something online which made me squeal in excitement!

I couldn’t believe the texts that I have received first but then it was confirmed through the online website of Bench/ – a clothing line here in the Philippines.

Korean heartthrob LEE MIN HO is coming back to Manila this March!!!

For what event, that I’m still not sure.

I shall give you an update if they release the details already.

I think this meeting will be somewhat like the fan meet also.

I surely hope that there will be a meet and greet opportunity again!!

For now though, I will save money just to be sure that I’ll not be missing that opportunity.

My valentines day couldn’t get any better than this!

Thoughts? 🙂


This is the last line spoken in The Inheritors’ trailer/teaser number 1.

And yes, it was Lee Min Ho who said it!!

Today was so tiring for me but after I watched and heard him say such words, my mood was suddenly uplifted and my energy became full again.

I seriously can’t wait till it airs.

I’m surely gonna watch it every week as soon as it comes out.


For not posting regularly, sorry.

I’ve been really busy with school lately and my laptop really gave up on me already.

And to compensate for that, this is a picture of the supposed shower scene they might air ^o^


(c) to the owner of the picture ^^

(c) to the owner of the picture ^^


– – – wanderrwithmee

It has been almost three weeks since my last update.

The past month was really toxic and I’ve been preparing for so many things at the same time which includes the successful My Everything Global Tour of Lee Min Ho here in Manila.

I think to complete every fan girl’s experience, it is a MUST to attend your ultimate bias’ concert if he’s a singer or a fan meet if he or she is not.

But of course, attending both will be better.

Luckily for me, I got to attend both and scored a meet & greet also!

His fan meet was held here in Manila last year dated November 16 of 2012 and two days after, a hand shake meet & greet was held.

His My Everything Global Tour stop in Manila was just last Saturday, July 6, 2013.

Words cannot express how much every Minoz – what the fans of Lee Min Ho are called – enjoyed the concert.

Every penny was worth it!

He was worth all the effort every single person there exerted just to see him.

Until now, I’ve read from their forum that they still couldn’t get over the concert (and him).

He is the most down to earth international star they know and the love he has for his fans can be felt by them personally.

He has this certain charm that one cannot resist.

Personally, I saved up for a VIP seat just to see him for the third time.

No regrets. AT ALL.

Because the atmosphere was so lively, I didn’t have time to focus the camera so for the quality of the photos, forgive me just this once. 😛

(Some pictures are not mine and were grabbed from my fellow Minoz and other news websites)

Lee Min Ho arrived in NAIA1 around 11PM, July 4, 2013.

945682_10151294993782465_2014292853_n 1000834_390309464412469_822372959_n 1006216_525614297487517_2116222835_n 787351569 BOVxN4WCAAAiPBJThe following day, he attended the ribbon cutting of Bench tower at 3PM then proceeded with the press conference and numerous other more interviews.

scratching his head

scratching his head

with Mr. Ben Chan

with Mr. Ben Chan


his tongue out habit!

his tongue out habit!

ribbon cutting

ribbon cutting

smiling oppa

smiling oppa

He ate at Aracama this night at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig –near Bench Tower.

The next day was his concert!

people lining up to get into the MOA Arena

people lining up to get into the MOA Arena

in my seat while waiting for the concert to start

in my seat while waiting for the concert to start

oppa singing My Everything

oppa singing My Everything


cutie pie!!

kare-kare was his answer. cutie picture!!

his favorite Line icon

his favorite Line icon


after drinking water!

after drinking water!

1002386_480751828685686_356355355_n 1004061_480570685370467_1509846947_n 1005173_10151299780302465_129253214_n 1010674_481558681938334_123948334_n 1017363_481026141991588_347234255_n 1017536_481560878604781_430855939_n 1043909_480878075339728_613602753_n 1044516_480751712019031_1807748346_n

gwiyomi attempt!

gwiyomi attempt!

66806_480571348703734_1252292712_n 264440_481026438658225_367115749_n 971138_481025005325035_991872134_n



what my fellow Minoz feel. hahaha. my best moment is yet to come!

what my fellow Minoz feel. hahaha. my best moment is yet to come!

before exiting

before exiting

saying bye

saying bye

the final bow

the final bow

the aftermath

the aftermath

after the concert

after the concert

where he ate after the concert :)

where he ate after the concert 🙂

after eating

after eating

His stay here was really really memorable for all the Minoz.

We know him even better now and we feel his love even more.

Every one is wishing for a part 3 visit here in Manila.

I hope next time when he comes here, even for just vacation, I get to see him and hopefully be in the same island as him.

Palawan? Boracay? Anywhere with him is fine!!



Before heading back to South Korea, he had dinner with his Bench family.

Here are some of the photos they took.

dinner at Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati with his Bench family

dinner at Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati with his Bench family

Now he’s back in South Korea.

His life is like a movie!

Look at the way he carries himself.

All the photographs of him are magazine cover ready!!

999506_481022265325309_1799204888_n 580499_480844512009751_1498254853_n

His July 8 update..




Wow! Just look at how many people lined up early just to see him!

Concert starts at 8PM and even though the sun was shining so bright, they didn’t care.


My conclusion?


He is someone who is loved by all not only because of his looks but also because of his personality.

That is it for now.

Till next time!


Men + Suits = ATTRACTIVE

There is just something about men who wear suits!!

Maybe because they exude this businessman-charm?

Is there such a term? HAHA.


It is like when they wear suits, their appeal instantly boosts up.

Personally, I think Koreans and Americans are the perfect example for this.

Let me show you some pictures as proof.

Chace Crawford (Goosip Girl)

Chace Crawford (Goosip Girl)

G-Dragon and T.O.P (Bigbang)

G-Dragon and T.O.P (Bigbang)

Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook

Lee Jong Suk, the man who can pull off even the weirdest fashion

Lee Jong Suk, the man who can pull off even the weirdest fashion

Bad boy take of Lee Jong Suk

Bad boy take of Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jin Wook

Lee Jin Wook

Again, Lee Jin Wook

Again, Lee Jin Wook

Robert Downey Jr aka Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr aka Iron Man

Zac Efron

Zac Efron

And last but definitely not the least..

Lee Min Ho with his twin wax figure

Lee Min Ho in white with his twin wax figure

Oppa again, of course!

Oppa again, of course!

Need I say more? 🙂

What do you think?





A post dedicated to : 이연희

35 days till we meet again.

I first saw 이민호 in flesh when he went here for a Fun Meet for a Global brand, bench/.
Even though I was not that close to him, it was very fulfilling.
When I first heard his voice live, I screamed right there and then.
His voice was really manly!!
Sadly, very few participants of the game had the opportunity to be close to him.
Luckily, two days after, I was gonna meet him again.
And this time, UP CLOSE!
I’ve done great lengths for that ticket.
Read it here. ^^
After the handshake event, I felt like crying.
The experience was really overwhelming.
I was so happy I couldn’t explain myself.
Also, was literally all smiles while talking and talking and talking about him endlessly.
Now that he’ll have a concert here on July, I wouldn’t of course pass up the chance to see him again.
And so I bought a VIP aisle ticket!!


Php 7500 / ~ ₩ 203000 / ~ USD 180

Yes, I did save up for it.
I hope that he’ll be able to spot me and that I’ll have the chance to get close to him or even hug him!
It feel like I love like him more and more each day. ♡

– – – wanderrwithmee

Just yesterday, I posted about Lee Min Ho going back to Manila for his album tour concert.

And today, unsurprisingly, I am posting about him again!

His album is entitled “My Everything”.

And he really is… my everything.


Okay enough of that.

It is confirmed by everyone including Manila Concert Scene and Wilbros Live, the event organizer, that he will be coming back to Manila for his one night only concert.

It will be on July 6 of 2013!!

When he first came here because of Bench/, it was held at Smart Araneta Coliseum. (Blogged about it before here)

This time, it will at the MOA Arena!

Lucky me because it is closer to my house which means I have one less reason for me not to make it.

Not that I will not make it if it is farther.

I will do everything I can to attend!

All I have to do as of now is to save up for the concert tickets.

I actually have no idea yet as how much it will cost but I’d really be glad if I’ll be able to afford the VVIP tickets and meet & greet passes if possible (if ever there is)!

I am very much ecstatic and all my sleepiness has gone in an instant!

A shout-out to the event organizers:

If you need an additional blogger for Lee Min Ho’s press-con or anything related to him, feel free to contact me and I will do it without hesitation! Feel free to do so okay? Thank you!!

And that is what you call a shameless shout-out.

Much love,


You can check the hints dropped by Manila Concert Scene!!
I swear, I am so ecstatic ♡
Will I be able to sleep tonight??
This just motivated me to really push through with my plan..
Being a better me.
It feels great to have an inspiration as it motivates you and gives you that extra push.
All I can say is that I am thankful to him for inspiring so many people out there and making them happy.
진짜 사랑해요 민호오빠!! ♥

– – – wanderrwithmee

Always Love

(c) Actor Lee Min Ho’s facebook account


당신의 데뷔 7주년을 축하합니다 오빠 ♥♡♥ #LMHLUCKY7

Congratulations on your 7th debut anniversary oppa!


오빠!! ♥♡♥♡♥ :”> The first picture melted me!

♥♥Love Minsun♥♥

Cre innisfree

View original post

Given that my school observes a trimestral system, we only have short breaks.

Each year, the longest break we have is that of summer.

The summer break differs each year but this year mine started from April 17 because my final exams ended early.

And yes that means I’m currently on summer vacation..

Or am I really?

Aside from the perks of not having to wake up at any specific time of the day, or sleeping around 6-8 hours before the time you should be prepping for school, I don’t feel that I really am on summer vacation.

What plans do I have for summer?

Watching korean dramas and foreign films for my bucketlist, getting in shape (which is a sure fail this time) and…

Nothing else.

Seriously, NONE.

I do go out but my schedule is so irregular that I cannot plan for other days in advance.

Since I bought round trip tickets for September, I almost have no money left which makes it harder for me to make plans.

Lee Min Ho oppa’s album too will be out soon which means less $$$ for me.

I know it might sound a bit weird to want this but I really hope school will start soon!

I need my daily allowance!! =))

Luckily though, the next semester starts earlier than usual – May 27.

I am not sure whether to rejoice because I will have my daily allowance or not to because of the obvious reason… 대학교.

대학교 / hakgyo means big school or university; 학교 = school.

대학교 = school works + most of your time + stress + professors (may be an advantage or not) + deadlines + hardwork + etcetcetc.

For the upcoming semester, I hope everything goes smoothly.

Joining an organization and being active in it are on my plans as well.

잘자요 여러분!



Read 37 pages of Philippine Revolution and typed a 4-page “summary”.

My eyes, hands and back are painful now.

But thanks to this guy..



I smiled and forgot about the pain for a while.

Hmm. Thinking if I should blog about something today ^o^


officialstampwanderrwithmee persona





—wanderrwithmee ✈

After I got home from a very stressful day in school due to my long exam, I jumped on my bed – literally – and opened my tablet.

As I was browsing through my facebook news feed, I came across this article which changed my mood.

Here it is…ze holy article!!

(*click images too see enlarged versions)


Lee Min Ho to transform into singer and start tour in May

Popular actor Lee Min Ho will be releasing his first album and kick off a 10-city tour around Asia.

On March 14, Lee Min Ho’s agency, Starhaus Entertainment, announced, “Lee Min Ho’s special album will be released worldwide. He will kick off his live tour late May in Korea.”

“This album release is not in interest of becoming a singer but for fan service. This is like a respond to national and international fans who have supported him until now. He plans on visiting ten cities in China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines and more for the tour.”

Lee Min Ho shared, “My goal is to only become an outstanding actor so becoming a singer is out of my concerns. This is a present I’ve prepared for my fans and I am coming back with a new project as soon as possible. Thank you for the support and love.”

cr:DailyKpop news


Well, for your information, I am a big fan of his. SERIOUSLY.

He once came to the Philippines last November 16, 2012 for a brand endorsement.

The event was called Benchsetter Fun Meet which I obviously attended together with 10,000 other fans of his ^^ + my eonnie and chingu!

For my shopping experience that made me get those tickets, visit my old blog post here and please don’t laugh at it 🙂

I honestly have not done this ever before. I don’t exactly know what is in him that made me like him.

Though this event was a definite success, I don’t think that I’ve seen enough of him. I wasn’t at the nearest place too.

But wait! There’s more… :>

the sky

the sky

My eonnie came with me to the mall at around 5 in the morning to fall in line at the entrance! (November 10, 2012)

My eonnie who came with me to the mall @ 5 AM!!

My eonnie 🙂

Inside of the mall. Still closed :))

This is the inside of the mall. Still closed 🙂

 As soon as the doors opened, everyone was LITERALLY running to the store! It felt like there was a zombie apocalypse or something.

And alas! The result:

Finally!! Hard work paid off!!

Finally!! Hard work paid off!!

me with the pass :>

me with the pass :>

I must admit that as soon as I got home, I was not sleepy at all! Even though I haven’t slept for more than 24 hours already!!

Everything just wouldn’t sink in right away!! I was days away from officially meeting him +++++ a meet and greet pass which means we will be super close and because it was a handshake event, I’ll be able to hold his hand and be so close to him at the same time!!

My outfit of the day – November 18, 2012 🙂

the prim and proper me.

the prim and proper me.

the goofy me :))

the goofy me :>

The lucky girl with me below is Sam Oh! She is the host + translator for Lee Min Ho’s events while here in Manila!! Lucky!!

with Sam Oh.

with Sam Oh.

And of course……

Hand shake + eye contact with oppa!

Hand shake + eye contact with oppa!

Need I say more? This is one thing off my bucket list!

“It was mind blasting! One level above mind blowing” – Nickhun, 2PM during their What Time Is It? Manila Tour —was nowhere near what I felt during that time!! I was just… ecstatic!

He was perfect. I didn’t imagine that someone can look so good like him! It felt like I was in front of a mannequin!!

And so from that day, I swore that whenever he goes to Manila, I’d definitely have to see him again! And support his projects here as well.

Can you now imagine how fast my heart was beating when I was reading the article about his album city tour!?

I screamed and told my eonnie and my mother about it right away and I said that I will be saving money as soon as I could.

I am so excited for this tour and I hope it will really push through!

As for the album, I will of course buy one. I hope there will be closer interactions between his fans and him.

I hope I get to be one of the lucky ones as well 🙂

That is it for now.

Time to study for my KOREAN 1 finals tomorrow!

Wish me luck!

–wanderrwithmee ✈

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