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February 18, 2014

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before but Leighton Meester is really one of my favorite girl crushes.

Though I only discovered her because of Gossip Girl, I know she is waaaaaay more than what her character, Blair Waldorf, is.

Awhile ago, I was surfing the net when I came across an article about her…..


I must admit that it did shock me a bit.

Though 27 is already a good age to get married, I know nothing about her supposed spouse, Adam Brody.

Her love life didn’t really catch my attention in any point of her career from gossip girl.

I think I was too focused on her as an individual.



If the said rumor is true about her getting married over the weekend, I wish the couple nothing but the best in their married life.

I couldn’t be more happier for my ultimate girl crush because she already found the man that would make her happy forever.

Again, I wish them a happy and fruitful forever together.

Love Love Love,


Forever means giving the person you love unlimited chances of loving you right every waking day of your life.

(c) Bride For Rent

Bride For Rent is actually a Filipino movie.

It is about a spoiled “emotionally damaged” guy who needed to get his trust fund because of his carelessness.

One of the requirements was he needed a marraige certificate when he reaches the age of 25.

He tried to patch things up with his ex girlfriends hoping that at least one of them would marry him.

But then there was none.

His friend suggested that they hold an audition for the role to be his pretend wife.

Then there is this girl who had a crush on him for the longest time.

She auditioned and eventually got the part.

And then it started.

Of course I wouldn’t spoil the details of the movie!!

It was a romantic comedy.

More comedy than romance for me.

This movie gave me a good laugh and I don’t ever regret watching and spending for it.

I recommend it to those who wants to laugh and learn at the same time.

It gives tips on how to stay happily married.

But then again.. it is a Filipino movie.

I don’t know if some actually produce English subtitles for Filipino films.




Okay so… I don’t really know how to start this.
How should you  start something like this.. Ummmmm….
I believe this is the first time I’m writing a (serious) letter to you.
And the first time ever I’m going to write an open letter.
Okay scrap everything above this line..
Here it goes..

Hey Marj!

It has been around 5 years and 4 months since I first talked to you. (¬¬June,2008)
I still remember that day when we had a grouping.
We were supposed to form a group of 6.
We were both in it.
I must admit that my first impression of you isn’t far from the others…that you are frank and that you don’t back down.
And as time passed by, I realized that it is one of your charms.
A charm that may have brought you, Arianna and I into a friendship that would last more than a lifetime.
Getting cheesy?

I can’t say that our fights make us stronger because….we don’t fight.
Honestly, can you ever remember a time when we fought!?
I know..we are not normal.
And when have we ever been right?
We always have this inexplicably cray moments together that just always dominates and makes everything else disappear.
And those moments that we’ve shared are priceless.
Now, to add to those memories, we don’t have to wait!
There’s this thing called the internet you know!!
It is such an amazing discovery.
Haha. Okay nuff of that.
Please promise us (Yana&I) that you’ll buy an android phone ASAP!
And that you’ll download all the applications I’m gonna ask you to download.
Yes, we are not the clingy type of best friends but I think that is because we know at the back of our minds that we are just around and that any time, we can call each other and meet up.
That is not the case now.
I don’t want you to be sad because of this because I know it is hard to leave.
(Especially because Yana & I can meet up any time. Hahaha. Okay, evil me.)
We can still bond and talk over the phone and whatnot.
For the physical meet up, we might have to wait for at least 2 years.
But c’mon, I don’t think that can affect the kind of friendship that we have.
We just have to be patient^^

For others, 5 years of friendship isn’t long.
Well, it is and is not at the same time.
It is because I know there are a lot more years of friendship ahead of us.
It is not because whatever we talk about (you know what I mean) is what friends with 10+++ years of friendship talk about!
We have nothing to hide to each other and we don’t fear being judged because of our imperfections.
We are sane and insane at the same time.
We have times wherein we just watch a movie and have dinner then go home but it doesn’t make our bonding less important compared to others.
No amount of words need to be spoken when we’re around.
There is just this certain connection we have that we don’t have with others.
That is what makes our friendship special and uncomparable.

For the moments that we could’ve spent together when you’re still here, let us not regret it.
C’mon..it’s not like we’re dying!
We can wait..no matter how long it is.
Because our friendship is worth waiting for.

While we’re apart physically, we have to save remember?
We still have to travel together!!

And as for your stay in Virginia, I hope you can adjust well right away.
Don’t be lazy and get out of the house!
Make friends like what you do here.
Finish college.
Work if you want but don’t overstress yourself.
When you have moolah already, you know what Yana and I want.
HAHAHA. I kid.

I know this is getting too long already..
I just hope that while reading this, you’ve shed a tear or two because that is one of my objectives. *evil smile*

As of now I’m at a salon..still contemplating if I should meet you at the airport before you leave…..
Call me a chicken for my reason but I think it’ll be hard to stop my tears.
Oh yah..before I forget..
Mom told me she wanted to cook Chicken Curry for you! And that I should’ve brought that instead to your despedida.
Sadly, time is not on our side now.
Instead, she’ll cook it for you when you return.
Orrrrrrrr if I already know her recipe, I’ll cook it for you and Yana 🙂

I think this is about it for now..
Always remeber that I am here for you and that I’ll always be.
Feel free to message me anytime.
We’re gonna miss you loads Marj!!!!
More cray moments when you come back (or when we go there).
I love you :*

Much love,


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