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***This is not a sponsored post.
All photos are mine. Credit properly, thanks. ^^
*complete menu available at the bottom of  this post*

The last time I wrote a foodie review was a long time ago.
Frankly, this review is not really planned.
What made me change my mind?
The establishment itself.
It is worth my time.

My eldest sister and her husband was the one who discovered the place first.
Last night, I went here to eat dinner with my two sisters.
The name of the restaurant is “Geni’s Cafe”/”Geni’s Fusion Cuisine”.
Location: Salem Complex, Domestic Road, Ninoy Aquino Airport Area, Pasay City
(Across NAIA Terminal 4, near Shakeys)

On their menu, you can find a brief background about the entrepreneur behind the cafe.


YES, she’s a former flight attendant!!
(My dream job :>) ❤

Moving on…

Let’s get physical!


This is the cafe from outside.
With what  you can see from the photo, it looks like any other establishment here in Manila.
Nothing really special or catchy.
Having studied Marketing for 3 years, the power of Advertising should never be overlooked.
Though their servers say that they are full especially during lunch time, I suggest that they work on their branding a bit more.

As soon as you get in, look to your left and you’ll see this..


Across it is this:


Just a small showcase with three samples of fondant cakes that you can order from them.


Apart from the cafe being well lit, one thing I admire about the cafe is the color scheme!


The colors they used to design the place go very well with each other.
Here is a closer look at their table.


And now the best part.. the FOOD.
As you may have noticed in their name, they serve fusion cuisine.
It means that they don’t serve just one type of food – talk about flexibility!
*check out the bottom of this post for their complete menu*

For the appetizer, they served us Honey Brown Bread with butter – 5☆


I don’t know how they did it but even though the bread wasn’t newly baked, the texture of the bread was perfect.
It had a crunch that makes you want to eat and eat and eat the bread.
To add to this, the butter that comes with it is not tasteless!
Rather than the ordinary butter served at restaurants, theirs seem to have a rich taste in it.
Without a doubt, I gave their appetizer 5★.

Now for the main entrees..

Baked Salmon – 5☆


I don’t have anything negative to say about this dish. For me, it seems like it was delivered straight from heaven! 😛

On a more serious note..
Though you may not be able to identify it, the salmon is actually coated with mashed potato.
The salmon was perfectly cooked.
It is  tender but not too tender that it feels undercooked.
The sprinkled paprika or chili powder (I’m not sure) gives the dish a hint of spiciness that complements the cream-based sauce very well.
For those on a diet, I highly recommend this!
Just ask the server to have the sauce separated so you can control the portion of the sauce.

Red Chicken Curry – 3☆


As you can see from the photo above, the sauce of this dish is not that opaque.
It is a bit thin for my liking.
As with the chicken pieces, it is cooked evenly.
The meat is tender and when you bite it, you can see from the meat that the sauce has penetrated the inside which makes it flavorful.
Since this is mainly an Indian dish, it was a bit spicy.
The base of the sauce is cream and for me, it lacked a bit of the “oomph” factor.
On the flip side, my sister liked their eggplant so much.

Beef Masala – 4.5☆


Beef is one type of meat which is hard to cook.
If it is undercooked, it is tough – like your chewing rubber.
When overcooked, it’ll feel like your eating chicken flakes.
BUT.. this dish?
It seems like they had  zero problem in cooking the meat!
If you look closely at the dish, you will see that there are a lot of different herbs & spices in it!
They are generous with the ingredients they added to this dish and because of that, it became really flavorful.
One thing I noticed though is that because it is a bit too flavorful, it is best eaten with rice.
So for those who try to stay away from carbohydrates, I suggest you pick another dish.
Nevertheless, this dish is delicious and worth a try!
Few carbs wouldn’t hurt.

Sweets it is!

Red Velvet Cheesecake – 3.5☆


The first thing I noticed?
The generous serving size.
With this slice, one to three people can actually share!
If you try and have a taste of all the layers together, the flavor just explodes in your mouth.
The cake base complements the cheesecake so well.
Since I am not a fan of too (“too” is subjective)  sweet desserts, I’d prefer the dessert to have more red velvet cake.
But then again.. we ordered a cheesecake so it is a bit expected that the cheesecake part of the dessert should be the main base. 😛

Blueberry Cheesecake – 3.0☆


It could’ve been better.
Sorry for the straight forward remark but I honestly am a big fan of blueberry cheesecakes.
Don’t get me wrong..
The dish was yummy but there is something – I’m not sure what – that is lacking.
Compared to the red velvet cheeecake, this is creamier.
Also, the dessert has strong flavors which makes the blueberry and the cheesecake fight for the attention of the one eating.
A softer crust would make the dessert better in my opinion.

Below is a picture of me with my two sisters before eating our dessert ^^


All in all, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend that you try eating here.
Definitely a hole-in-the-wall.
One for the books!

Ambiance – 5/5
Servers – 5/5
Price – 4.5/5
Food – 4/5
Satisfaction – 9/10
Recommend: Definitely YES.

Here is their menu:














P.S. I saw in one of their posters that they have lunch sets as well. 😛 

Again, please please credit properly. All photos above are mine.

***This is not a sponsored post.

I know this post is long over due but..
Better late than never right? ^^

Branch : Mu Noodle Bar, Glorietta Mall, Makati City





First, the basics!
When we asked our server what their best selling drink is, with no hesitation, he said “Honey Lemon Tea”.
And so we ordered it.
Here it is..


It is – without a doubt – an authentic tea.
It was super yummy and worth trying!!
When I get a chance to eat here again, I’ll never pass on this one.

Second, the food.

Beef Fried Rice!


It was so flavourful and yummy.
Though it is slightly too eggy – my own word for too much egg – for me^o^
It is quite similar to chinese fried rice.
I think it’ll be better if they add more beef to it.
Not that it lacks beef but I think it should taste more beefy than eggy since it is beef fried rice.
I wonder how their egg fried rice will taste like.

Red Lamb Curry

It is not spicy. At all.
I’m not sure if it is just me but whenever I see the word curry, almost always, it has a hint of spice in it.
Nevertheless, the lamb taste was really evident.
Not the flavoring kind but because the lamb was really really fresh.
It just had some bones and there was a bit of a bitter after taste.
My sister who studied culinary arts said it was probably because the herb in the dish was slightly cooked more than usual which gives that after taste.

MU Oyster Cake

It was really delicious.
It tastes better when served when the cheese just melted – then no salted egg or less.
Don’t get me wrong.. I am a fan of salted eggs but I don’t think too much is necessary for this dish.
The crust complemented the dish well.
Bonus: the bean sprouts were imported
Though if you’re dining alone or just with another person, the dish might overwhelm you if you are not a big fan of oysters – big oysters.
But if you are with a group, feel free to share it and eat it while it’s hot.


Next, their house specialty.

Beef Noodle Soup -miso stock- thin noodles plus extra egg!

For this dish, you can tweak it a little bit by choosing your soup base and the width of your noodles.
It was served sizzling hot which was great.
The pasta was perfectly al dente.
You can really taste the beef.
For the egg, it was soft boiled perfectly!
The yolk was oozing.
You can get around 5 small bowls from it – for sharing.
Eat it while it is hot.
When not hot, we found it a bit salty.



Last but not the least, the staff.

The service was really great.
They present themselves with a smiling face all the time.
Also, they know the menu really well.
Because it was our first visit, we had a lot of questions but our server was able to answer every single question!
Their excellent ambiance was just a bonus.




That is it for now!

– – – wanderrwithmee
Ambiance –  5/5
Servers –  5/5
Price –  4/5
Food – 3.5/5
Satisfaction –  7.5/10
Recommend : Sure!

PS: I heard their original branch offers so much more. 🙂

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