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I woke up by the beach.


It was an experience I will never forget!

You can read the whole story of how that happened here.

Though I slept past 4 in the morning, I woke up at around 6 in the morning.

Yes, my sleep was that short but it honestly didn’t feel like it!

It felt as if I had slept for 8 hours.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw the clouds.

I’m not sure if I have written it here before but I really love the clouds.

I love taking pictures of it during airplane rides which is why I always want to seat next to the window.

That is also the reason why I don’t take a nap right away or I don’t take a nap at all especially during short flights.

I grab the opportunity to admire them while in the airplane.

Getting back..

The morning breeze was perfect.

Everything was perfect when I opened my eyes.

The nephews of my brother in law were playing while swimming.

I was impressed because I know it was impossible for the sea water not to be ice cold at that time.

And because they were guys, they were topless.

Imagine how cold they’ll feel!

I chatted with my eldest sister who was also awake at that time.

After an hour or so, I decided to get some more sleep.

My sleep only lasted for less than an hour.

But then again, it didn’t feel like it.

We headed back to their house to wash up and prepare for the burial hours later.

After washing up, we ate and chilled for a while.

We were at the back when the elders were singing and praying for the deceased.

Then, we headed to the town church and heard mass.

Afterwards, we went to the cemetery and the burial took place.

R.I.P  Tatay. Watch over us!

Tatay is similar to father/dad.

We call my brother in law’s dad, Tatay.


Even though I think I should be ranting about how our flight was cancelled then it was back and now it was officially cancelled again…

I will not.

And it is only because of one thing..

The AirAsiaPhilippines Facebook Team!

I think I am only one of the few people out there that will post about something positive out of a bad situation like this.

So why am I really not ranting right now?

It is because of the following:

  • fast response – one way to calm every customer’s nerves for the time being is to reply to them ASAP. When customers have a bad experience, the first aid ALWAYS is to attend to them as fast as you can. (it is really a long process if you are to submit a complaint on their website..)
  • patient staff – no matter how big or small your concern is, they will surely answer. No matter how much ranting you do or what choice of words you use (not that you should pick bad words), even though it is personally not their fault, they will still respond and apologize if needed.
  • 🙂 —yes, they always have a smiley which subtly tells the customers, “It is my pleasure to attend to your concerns.”
  • accuracy of information – frankly, their official website is not really complete.. or if it is, it is a pain to read such long paragraphs. Luckily, their facebook account is handled by their staff who knows a lot of information that the customers will need.
  • and this boils down to —– THEY KNOW HOW TO VALUE CUSTOMERS. This is the most important point. Being a Marketing Management major, my professors always always always highlight to us how to handle customer service well and how to maintain relationships because without having the trust of your consumers, you’re…..doomed.

My relationship with AirAsia has just started with my first purchase of plane tickets (on their airline) and this is what happened.

Yes, it was an inconvenience for us but because of their staff, I think I’ll let this pass and give them a second chance.

Again, kudos to you, AirAsiaPhilippines Facebook Team!

Keep it up!


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