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*Late post

Today, I was supposed to pay my tuition fee at school then meet my cousin-K but since there was a change of plans, I ended up going straight to the mall.

As I waited for my cousin-K, Sami, the cousin of my cousin-B (another cousin) called me and said cousin-K invited her to join us for the day.

I waited for the both of them at the mall since I was unexpectedly early.

The first thing I did was go to National Bookstore.

I checked out some books and got some titles so that I can check them at the book sale since I really don’t have that much extra budget for books.

Searching for ebooks of those books were an option too!!


While I was on my way to the Book Sale store..

I was about to pass Bag Tag when I decided to stop.

Aside from my (travel) luggage having no form of identification, I think it is also a traveler (in the future) must-have!

I looked at their designs and had one made!

Here it is!






I have decided to get a cartoon design because I want my travels to be fun like it.

Though I already have one right now, I still want to purchase another one.

You’ll never know when you’ll be needing two or more pieces of luggage!

Think long-term travelling 🙂

Just after my bag tag was finished, my cousin came and met me at the stall.

We then went to Coffee Bean Tea & Leaf and chatted till the cousin of our cousin came.

When the cousin of our cousin came, we ordered our beverages, a slice of cake and my ever favorite Eggs Benedict!

I can vouch for their EggsBen!!


After hours there, we went to Burger King and had fries and Hi-C.

We, again, chatted and chatted and took pictures to brag to our cousins^^

After which, we went to Smart Center to apply for a postpaid plan and met my sister there as well.

The cousin of our cousin needed to go home at around 8:30.

When she left, my sister, cousin and I went to the food court.

Aside from the usual chatting, we actually talked about travelling and guys!

We are planning a weekend getaway with our close cousins.

It is still not final but we are hoping it’ll push through.

Then we realized after all the planning that the three of us are really frustrated travellers – as of the moment.

There is something about travelling that we are hungry for.

And that we can cross mountains just for it.

Aside from the weekend getaway, we are eyeing to go to Coron in Palawan or even around South East Asia.

Thailand is the first one on our list!

How about you?

If given a chance, where would you wanna go next?


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