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It is already known to my old readers about my passion for travel and my dream job – to be a cabin crew.
Recently, I made a step towards that dream.

The change in course (and school) that I’ve been deciding on for months have been given action.
Yes, I feel a little guilty for leaving my former school.
I can’t say anything bad about the school, professors, students and the other school personnel there.
They have all been nice to me.
Even though it was risky transferring schools even if I transferred to a sister school (it isn’t guaranteed that the same treatment will be given to me as what my former school have), I still pushed through with the transfer.
Because I value myself.
I want to do what I think will make me a better individual and do what I think will help me to achieve my dreams.
If making that move entails risking my study environment, extending my school years and be forced to not spend as much time with my friends from my former school, then so be it.
Being in a university, the main purpose is for the student to learn, build character and build relationships.
One needs to focus on that.
What students sometimes don’t understand about university life is that it isn’t an escape from secondary school.
Your student life will NOT be easier.
Sometimes it will seem like it but it isn’t and though that is the case, it should not be the focus.
Self-improvement should be.

School started last week and it marks a new chapter in my life.
I am now officially a HRIM – Travel and Tourism Management student.
(Hotel, Restaurant & Institution Management)
Finally ♡  


*Warning: Not proofread. Sorry in advance.

My confidence has plummeted, yes.

But now, I’m trying to revive it.

I have been thinking about my future a little too often than usual lately.

Well, this is the main point of me being under load in school anyway.

I want to figure out what I really want to do..

How I see myself in the future..

What can keep me on my toes and be a way for my constant hunger for self-improvement.

I am still weighing the pros and cons of what it is I am thinking of doing.

One of which is to shift courses.

I am currently a Marketing Management student at a  university here in the Philippines.

It is not that I dislike my course but I feel a bit obliged to go to school.

Not because classes are boring because a lot of Marketing professors are actually funny but because it just doesn’t interest me enough for me to want to learn something about it and for me to actually feel excited every morning or afternoon to go to class.

When people ask me even before what I want to do in the future, I always tell them that I do not know and that all I know is that I want to travel and travel someday.

They normally would just tell me that when I work and earn my own money, I can travel afterwards.

Why didn’t I take up Tourism for college?

I know that before, my sister wanted to take up Tourism but my mom didn’t want her to.

Little did I know that she didn’t even insist taking it up because she actually wanted to take up Culinary Arts just a little bit more than Tourism.

And so she did.

Since then, I thought that no matter what I say, my mom wouldn’t actually allow me to go through with it.

I just learned about this yesterday!!

Well, I haven’t actually tried telling my parents what I plan to do yet cause I wanna be sure of it before I actually do.

No matter what though, I still plan to learn about my father’s company.

Not taking up a course related to it doesn’t mean that I wont handle or manage it somehow in the future.

Besides, I owe a lot of things to it.

And as for crossing the road, my current university doesn’t offer Tourism.

The sister school of it, does.

The sister school is just literally across the street of my current school hence, the title.

If I actually transfer schools, my course would require me to wear a uniform.

My uniform would be a corporate attire.

It doesn’t bother me at all.

Actually, it is a big bonus for me!

I find corporate attire classy and sexy at the same time!

That is it for now.




I am a third year college student. Turning twenTEEN January of next year. And I am confused. An early mid-life crisis perhaps?


All children are asked what one wants to be when they grow up. We had numerous – and some really hard to reach – jobs that we want like being an astronaut. As for me, I can only recall answering two: to be a dentist and to be a model.

It is not an alien idea that what we answered back then may not be the case when asked 10-15 years later or maybe even 20.

What has changed?

The fact that we have been exposed to more things and occupations may be the reason. As one grows up, we begin to know ourselves better. We start discovering “who we really are” and what are we “meant to do or be”.

Realizing it as early as possible is great but realizing it before it’s too late is even better.

How come?

When realized early, one can hone his/her skills already. Passion builds up from there. It seems as if your life has a direction and you’ll never feel astray again.

But why is realizing it before it’s too late still better?

Because you still realized it even though it took time. The mere fact that you realized it makes it good. With everything that you went through to find out what you really want that will make you happy, that makes it better. There is this saying that goes something like,

Because you earned it the hard way, you value it more.

I realized it already. What now?

Now, it is up to you to make that happen.

Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it’s realistic or not. —Deepak Chopra

Yes, it is easier being said than done because of course every one has this ideal occupation and ideal life inside our heads.

Even though this is the case, always go with your passion. Life may be harder (or easier) this way but you can never enjoy more without passion in what you do. You’ll always feel like you’re obliged to conform to things that you really don’t enjoy doing. That makes one feel as is life becoming harder and harder.

And as for asking if that dream is realistic, be honest to yourself. Ask if it is REALLY REALLY REALLY far-fetched. Like only 1 out of 1 billion people can achieve that, then maybe you should strategize well before attempting to reach that dream.

But if what you want isn’t far-fetched, get up and do something! Do something to get closer to it! Small things really count. Also, it will help to do some law of attraction. I personally believe that the strongest shield that humans have is their mind. One can never go wrong if you believe that you can achieve something.

Nothing is impossible. Never give up.


Now, you may ask, why am I confused?

Because I tend to mix up my passion with my dreams with my emotions.

How so?

I must admit that there is an inner rebel in me. I don’t want people dictating me or getting credit for something that was really decided or done by me.

For example, the course I’m going to take for college. Yes, a lot of people gave me suggestions and I did try to consider them but what stood out most was what if I took this course suggested by personA but I didn’t like it, I would want to blame any one – maybe not directly but in my head silently – for the time wasted because I followed his/her suggestion. Or perhaps a course suggested by personB that I loved and excelled in but he/she tells every one or even just me that he/she is the reason that I excelled. Yes, they can credit themselves and I’ll thank them but somehow, I think, I’ll really feel indebted towards that person forever. And I don’t want that either.


Right now, I feel as if that rebel in me took over me for 4 years – which is bad by the way.

Frankly speaking, I am taking the next term off in school to learn everything in my dad’s business. I want to give it a shot not because my dad has been constantly advising me since high school to take a course related to it and have a license for it someday but because I am doing this for myself.

I am doing this to test myself if I actually enjoy doing it and if I’ll miss what my course asks me to do or even if something in me will be triggered if I do – may it be a new passion or a new dream job. I want to expand my horizon and my knowledge about life outside of school.

This new journey of mine is effective next term which is around the first week of January till March then summer break till May (around 5 months).

I shall write my weekly – or even daily (I hope) – musings here in my blog to keep a record of my supposed progress and at the same time help others like me who are confused out there.


Before I forget to mention them.. Here are my (as of the moment)

Dreams – to be a travel blogger, to have a show related to travel/eating out/cultures, to travel, travel and travel

Interests – travel, cultures, gadgets, blogging, different cuisines, interior designing, architecture, etc

and yes, I am more of an art inclined person. But you know what is so ironic? I think I am a frustrated artist. HAHA! I do floor plans pretty well though ( I think) because I am a bit OC.

How about you? What are your passions and dreams?

Have a nice day!



Letting go is probably one of the hardest things to do in life.

The relationship acquired, the time spent or just the mere value of a certain person or thing to us will be tested.

But why do we need to let go?

Can’t we just hold on to it a little bit more?

Every situation is different in itself.

Re-evaluation is needed to get those timely answers.

Not right answers because i think *right* is subjective when it comes to relationships.

It is always best to try hard in doing everything that you can and not giving up but one should learn to let go as well – if it is for the better.

Finally decided to let go?

Let go and move forward.

Many people find it hard to move on after letting go but I still think that with these things, no one else can see the bigger picture better more than yourself.

We cannot expect anyone to vouch for us except for ourselves.

One should learn to fight and stand up.

I’ve thought about it for such a long time already and I think I am ready to let go..

And that I actually have to let go already.

I have to let go of the other side of me.

There is always a room for improvement.

Not that one has to be perfect but I believe everyone should maximize their potentials for us to live our lives to the fullest.

You may wonder what I mean by letting go of the other side of me.

Well, I want to change my lifestyle starting today.

Yes, today.

I’ll start by changing my sedentary lifestyle.

I want to be more active and do other activities – those that require me to get out of bed.

Starting next week, I will try my very very very best to go to the gym near my house at least twice a week.

I need not spend the whole day there or lift weights.

30 minutes of running is enough for a “gym day”.

I will change my sleep cycle.

As crazy as it may sound, I can’t remember the last time I slept at 10 PM or even till 12 MN.

I always sleep late.

Usually around 4 AM but last week my sleep cycle has been even more crazy – I sleep at around 6 to 7 AM.

I am definitely not a morning person but I think I should train myself to become one.

Waking up early.

This may be the hardest thing to do since I LOVE SLEEPING more than I love food.


I usually don’t take breakfast since I am still asleep at that time.

My body clock tells me after 8 hours of sleep to wake up and if I sleep at 4 AM, after 8 hours, what do you think the time will be?

You do the math.

Clothes, things and my room.

Everyone grows physically.

(Not necessarily horizontally.)

But until when should I hold on to the clothes that did fit me a year or years before and now it doesn’t?

I keep holding on to it thinking that I can still wear it when I lose some weight.

For my things, I am sometimes too sentimental that I keep even the things that are considered trash by many.

The result?

A messy room.

And so I’ve decided to let go and just sell them for cheap so that I’ll have funds to buy new clothes and things.

A cleaner environment = a more stable mind.

There have actually been studies that proved how a clean room boosts one’s mental capacity!

I am a student.

I SHOULD go to school everyday and not be lazy even when I have no tests.

I’ll try joining organizations and be active in them since it will be for my future.

Even though I have no tests, I should still study at home even for just a short while.

For now, that is my plan.

Right after I post this, I’ll start cleaning my room. 🙂

How about you?

Any plans of letting go?



Please please answer!! It’s for my finals. It is super short and is about Sexual Ethics. Thanks!! 🙂

Trimestral System: The Good Side

Prioritizing La Salle graduates in the work force

By Carina Cruz and Rafael Tan

Graduates from De La Salle University – Manila (DLSU-M) tend to have lower waiting time and higher employment rates compared to graduates from other colleges and universities.

An ABS-CBN news article entitled “UP, Ateneo, La Salle grads hired faster, paid more” last January 2013 claims that graduates from DLSU, “actively looked for a job for an average of 2.4 months, but got a mean income per month of almost P11,900.” The data was based on a Graduate Tracer Study conducted by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in 1999.

DLSU Job Placement Coordinator Dr. Ma. Paquita Bonnet said that an online study conducted by the Office for Counseling and Career Services (OCCS) in 2009 discovered that Lasallian graduates took two to six months to find employment; most graduates, however, found employment in three months.


Being practical

Several alumni believe that companies set a certain standard and choose to invest on graduates who received more quality education from the Philippines’ most esteemed universities.

Key Accounts Manager at Benby Enterprises, Inc. Anjo Dela Cruz (MKT, 2010) believes that quality education from a good university is a privilege for students.

Business Development Associate at EON: The Stakeholder Relations Firm Kim Dy (OCM, 2012) has similar beliefs. She explains that the existing notion that graduates from the top three universities perform better and have better opportunities in true, but she adds that students from other universities and colleges also have a chance to be successful.


Promoting equality

While the school or university plays a role in hiring and compensation, Senior Manager from the Talent Department of Del Monte, Philippines (DMPI) Marylou Gomez acknowledges that there are other factors. Gomez furthers, “It is difficult to generalize the duration and mean income because the university where an employee is from is not a strong determinant of these factors.”

Gomez adds that graduates from the top three universities as well as those outside DLSU-M, Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU), and the University of the Philippines-Diliman (UP-D) possess the qualities that DMPI is looking for such as passion and commitment, among others, but there are also those who do not.

She explains, “Very few students from the top three schools could be considered overqualified.”


Lasallians in the workforce

Gomez also relates a recent finding. She explains, “Not to generalize, [but] we received feedback that graduates from UP-D and ADMU are more extroverts that DLSU-M.  We noticed that more DLSU-M graduates are with our Finance Division.”

Last year, Dr. Bonnet conducted a studied employer feedback of DLSU-M graduates. Forty-five Human Resource (HR) representatives from twenty-five industries were invited in a focus group discussion (FGD). The study, “Employer’s Feedback on Lasallian Graduates,” was completed last December 10 and was presented to Parents of University Student Organizations (PUSO) last December 15.

According to the study, most Human Resources (HR) representatives observed that compared to graduates from other schools, Lasallians are willing to go on overtime to finish their work because they are afraid of failure.

Another observation is that Lasallians are more humble and less arrogant compared to other graduates. An HR head who attended the FGDs explains, “Yung yabang ng Lasallians ay positive. Mas natatanggap ng tao kasi meron namang ipagyayabang (The pride of Lasallians is positive. It is more accepted by people because their pride is well-founded.)”

Dr. Bonnet also adds that the HR managers invited to participate in the study were one in saying that Lasallian graduates are marketable and employable because they are perceived to be target-driven self-initiators.

The study also showed that Lasallian graduates are well placed in industries. She summarizes, “If you look at the profile of the FGD reports, Lasallians are in the middle-up in the industry ladder. Lasallians are chief executive officers, assistant vice presidents, senior directors, heads of units, managers, trainees, etc.”


Lasallians’ distinguished traits

Dr. Bonnet adds that based on the conducted study, the most prominent qualities and skills that Lasallians exude in the workforce are proficient communication skills and technical competencies in the manufacturing and engineering industries.

One company even explains that graduates from DLSU are more reliable when assigned to accomplish tasks and communicate duties to their team members.

Lasallians also exhibit confidence, which is an ideal trait in the field of sales. As stated by an online portal firm, “We normally prioritize Lasallians over the other universities for our sales. We specifically put them in the frontline position.”

According to the study, other notable traits of Lasallians in the job industry include leadership, creativity, sharpness, proper business attitude, competitiveness, as well as skills in problem-solving and decision-making.


Effects of the trimestral system

Dr. Bonnet believes that the university’s trimestral system helps Lasallians hone these attributes. She argues, “Here in La Salle, after 14 weeks, you change your courses and your [professors]. You are challenged differently in many aspects.”

She adds that the trimestral system also helps sustain their competitive advantage. “The original reason we have the trimestral system is that we really want to challenge the potential of Lasallians. I think we still have that competitive advantage of Lasallians between and among themselves against other schools.”

As much as I want to tell everyone how I am enjoying the holy week which is a national holiday, I just couldn’t.

I was supposed to go to Laguna today and stay there till Sunday but since our professor in Managerial Accounting gave us our Business Case 2 which we are supposed to accomplish by group and my group mates and I have no common free time but tonight, I decided not to go and stay at home instead.

While some universities and all primary and secondary schools are now officially on summer vacation, our university isn’t.

We observe a trimestral system remember? If not click this.

I needed a breather for awhile so I am blogging now.

So this is what I’m currently doing…. all computations.





Read 37 pages of Philippine Revolution and typed a 4-page “summary”.

My eyes, hands and back are painful now.

But thanks to this guy..



I smiled and forgot about the pain for a while.

Hmm. Thinking if I should blog about something today ^o^


officialstampwanderrwithmee persona





—wanderrwithmee ✈

In my university, we follow a trimestral system – three terms in a school year. Hence, the hours allotted per subject is definitely less than the usual. Due to this, our school officials are really strict when it comes to holidays and suspensions due to the weather. Also, the pace of our study is a bit faster too.

Some may see it as a negative thing but in my university, they ensure that even though we graduate earlier because of our curriculum, we are very much capable, we are trained well and we are given enough experience and practical knowledge for the new world we are going to transition to. Talk about quality education!

In every university, they call the week before finals the “hell week”. This is so because this is the week where everyone is making up for whatever they missed, finalizing all the projects, studying for the final exams, preparing for thesis defense and much more.

Though our university is still far away from the supposed “hell week” which will be around the 2nd week of April, my schedule has really been hectic that I am sometimes up until around 4-5 a.m.

Last Saturday marks the end of my Korean 1 classes. (WHICH I PASSED. YAY!) After 10 weeks of “diligently” studying and memorizing, I really want a breather. School works are suffocating already. Because of this, I am trying my best to slack off – which is normally not a good thing – to release stress by watching movies & dramas online, by surfing the net and blogging which hopefully I can do often.

This post is getting too long I guess. Until the next one! ♥


—wanderrwithmee ✈

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