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This post is – again – related to my birthday.

How my day went and everything in between.


My day started while I was still making gum paste roses.


Meaning I slept late..around 4:30 in the morning.

That is because I helped my sister finish her wedding cake order for the same day as my birthday.

Below is the picture of the first two gum paste roses that I made from scratch!!


I woke up at around 8:30 in the morning cause we had to deliver the cake and do some minor adjustments at the venue itself.

And this is the final product – the wedding cake that was delivered..

made by my sister!! (I just helped with the roses)

made by my sister!! (I just helped with the roses)

After that, we went to Divisoria, a wholesale market nearby.

We then shopped for giveaways for our post-Christmas party with my cousins (mom’s side).

Then we went to SM Mall of Asia for the game paraphernalia.

We arrived at our house around 6PM and then the party started.

Before eating, they didn’t forget to sing me a happy birthday song and everyone also greeted me.

We had a lot of games and everyone was so cooperative and everyone just had a blast!

There were some fireworks too!!!

The games made us more familiar to each other and because of it, a lot was discovered.

This party definitely made us more close and settled all the small misunderstandings that were present.

Though the party was only prepared for less than a month, it was definitely a success!!

We plan to do this every year together with our lolo papang’s birthday!

Even though he is in heaven already, he still is in our hearts and no one will ever forget him.

Because of him, our family is this close and bonded.

It was such a nice way to celebrate my birthday 🙂



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