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As I have mentioned before, I am trying to regulate my sleep cycle because of my unhealthy sleeping pattern.

Just last night (morning), I slept at around 1:30 AM which is a big leap for me because sleeping at 4-5 AM is regular for me.

Today, I am scheduled to enlist my subjects at 11:00 AM online.

Luckily, I woke up even before my alarms sounded.


I woke up around 6:30 in the morning and I couldn’t sleep anymore.

I only had 5 hours of sleep and 8 hours is regular for me.

Now, it is almost 2 PM and I feel very sleepy.

My head actually hurts a little but I am fighting it off.

I know that if I sleep now, I’ll wake up at around dinner time hence, make my sleep cycle even more irregular.

I am currently trying to distract myself from sleeping and finding ways to entertain myself.

So far I can only think of blogging and researching about the country I am visiting on September. (Posts related: here and here)


어떻게, 어떻게!? / eotteoke, eotteoke!?

Eottoke means ”what to do” or ”how” depending on how it is used in a sentence. 🙂


Given that my school observes a trimestral system, we only have short breaks.

Each year, the longest break we have is that of summer.

The summer break differs each year but this year mine started from April 17 because my final exams ended early.

And yes that means I’m currently on summer vacation..

Or am I really?

Aside from the perks of not having to wake up at any specific time of the day, or sleeping around 6-8 hours before the time you should be prepping for school, I don’t feel that I really am on summer vacation.

What plans do I have for summer?

Watching korean dramas and foreign films for my bucketlist, getting in shape (which is a sure fail this time) and…

Nothing else.

Seriously, NONE.

I do go out but my schedule is so irregular that I cannot plan for other days in advance.

Since I bought round trip tickets for September, I almost have no money left which makes it harder for me to make plans.

Lee Min Ho oppa’s album too will be out soon which means less $$$ for me.

I know it might sound a bit weird to want this but I really hope school will start soon!

I need my daily allowance!! =))

Luckily though, the next semester starts earlier than usual – May 27.

I am not sure whether to rejoice because I will have my daily allowance or not to because of the obvious reason… 대학교.

대학교 / hakgyo means big school or university; 학교 = school.

대학교 = school works + most of your time + stress + professors (may be an advantage or not) + deadlines + hardwork + etcetcetc.

For the upcoming semester, I hope everything goes smoothly.

Joining an organization and being active in it are on my plans as well.

잘자요 여러분!



As of now, I really can’t explain what I’m feeling.
I’m neither happy nor sad.
Hence the title.
And as for why, I shall explain.

I am happy because..

Today we had a healthy family late lunch/early dinner.
My sister who studied culinary arts and I were in charge of our food.
Even though it was tiring, it was worth it.
Family day for us is special because it doesn’t happen often because my eldest sister has her own house now and because everyone is busy.

Our return trip flight is confirmed already.
Finally, I have a return ticket booked!
Though it is more than triple in price compared to my outgoing ticket, it was a good deal.
I am so excited for our trip!!

I am sad because..

My laptop won’t open.
It has been two days since it last opened.
Once in a blue moon, the same thing happens but it takes less than a day to one day maximum for it to open.
Yes, my sister and I have a spare small laptop in our room but the bigger one is so much more comfortable to use especially when blogging.
(I don’t have moolah to buy one because of ze plane tickets! Someone please send me a laptop. Huhuhu.)
Also, I have queued posts there!
+ pictures for my upcoming food blogs
+ my trip plans (all the things I have researched – for MONTHS –  related to travel)
+ my music files
+ personal files I haven’t sorted nor posted
+ so much more 😦

Thankfully, WordPress has an app for Android devices so I am able to post one now.
But I must admit, it is difficult to upload pictures here and fix posts..

Nevertheless, I am sorry cause I will not be able to post food blogs for the time being.
For now I might be posting more personal stuff and journal-like entries.

What I am now?
양다리 / yang da ri means sitting on a fence or straddling.
It is usually used when you are torn between two things.

That is it for now!

– – – wanderrwithmee

The end doesn’t always indicate an end.. it can also mean an “and”.
A lot of people think that when something ends, it is the end.
That nothing can spring out from it any more.
That nothing can be done already.
But they are wrong.


I’m sure someone once asked you about a glass being half full or half empty.
(Half full –  optimistic, half empty –  pessimistic)
It is just like that.
Choose to look at the brighter side of things.
I know sometimes one can’t help by be sad and think about negative thoughts but that is just part of life.
Instead of thinking of it as an end –  may it be a farewell because you are migrating, a school year that ended, being fired from work – think of it as an and.
How will you have a “new” life abroad that you will enjoy if you keep on living in the past?
How will you be able to meet and have new friends if the school year/term doesn’t end?
How will you be able to grow, learn from experience, possibly have your dream job and even your own business if you are too busy working there?

There is always a brighter side.
Look for it and you will be happy.

If you’ve read my previous blog posts, I mentioned that I took a basic Korean course – which I promised to blog about.
It was actually just a short one. 10 weeks, 3 hours each = 30 hours.
Though we only had a short time to learn and discuss, we actually finished the whole module –  Sogang University’s Korean Module 1.

Two weeks before our exam schedule, our class and our teacher was planning a farewell dinner after the final exam.
Our teacher said that we can bring friends and that he will try bringing some of his korean friends too so we can meet them.

Last March 16, 2013 was our final examination which is composed of a written exam (50 questions) and an oral exam (self introduction & 3 random questions to be drawn).
Thankfully, we had a mini review before the test began so I found the written exam easy to moderate.
As each of us finishes the written test, our teacher will be calling us one by one for the oral exam.

When I was called, I instantly became shy..not because of my teacher but because two of his korean friends were there!
First, my 선생님/teacher introduced them to me then he looked at me and said “begin your introduction”.
He wasn’t looking to me AT ALL and the chair I was sitting on was faced to his friends so I said, “to them?”.
And he said yes.

I think I was pretty successful in introducing myself and saying 5 random facts about me but my heart was just racing so fast that my mind went blank after the first question.
Thankfully, the one who was asking the question, Victoria, was really very kind. They were actually helping me answer the question by helping me dissect the sentence!
For the second and third sentence, I think I answered better.
After my turn, I felt so relieved that my turn was done but also nervous at the same time cause I don’t know my grade yet.

After everyone was called, we planned our transportation.
How we will go there and who rides with whom.
We dined at Woorijib! A korean restaurant near the school.

Unfortunately, just minutes after we settled down, Victoria needed to go already because she needs to attend a band rehearsal (for their church I think.)
And so she left.

Almost everyone in our group had unlimited sampgyupsal for dinner!
For only PhP 399/₩10,700/$9.7, we had unlimited pork, lettuce, soup and a variety of 반찬/banchan/side dishes – which were all very delicious!
It was really worth it!

ze holy grill!

Because of the arrangement of seats, I was mostly having conversations with 선생님/seonsaengnim/teacher, my 언니/eonnie/sister, My 친구/chingu/friend, my classmate who was a teacher, my seatmate in class and Marco, my teacher’s 한국 친구/hanguk chingu/ korean friend which is also our friend now. ^o^

Though it is like a farewell dinner, it is not the end.

It is only the start of new friendships and more memories to be made.

I have no regrets in taking up this class and I am looking forward to seeing them again.

Here are some of the group pictures we have 🙂

my eonnie and me

my eonnie and me

me - Jay-R seonsaengnim - eonnie

me – Jay-R seonsaengnim – eonnie

some of my close chingus!

some of my close chingus!

me - Marco - eonnie

me – Marco – eonnie

group picture!

group picture!

That is it for now.

Always remember: “Not all that ends signifies an end. It can also signify an and.” -wanderrwithmee


근양 or keunyang means just / simply / just because.. hence the title. ^o^
These past few days has been a wild ride for me.
From school works till family matters.
Everything honestly seems to be going out of hand.
I honestly have perfected the art of being passive..or so I thought.
It is just that lately a lot of extreme things are happening around me that I can’t seem to have a control of anything which frustrates me.
Not that I have a problem with not being in control of everything but……..it is just like that.
I must admit that before, I used to be overly sensitive – –  when I was much much younger.
TRUST ME. My relatives tell me this a lot.
My relatives from my mother’s side loves teasing each other.
It is their unique way of expressing I care for you so I’m spending my time with you even if I’m teasing you.
They believe in “ang maasar, talo” which means you lose if you get frustrated or annoyed and the like. (I can’t seem to find the right word)
Before, I easily get annoyed, angry, I cry and I even throw tantrums.
As I grew up, my tolerance for these things grew and made me “a more mature individual” (I think. ^^)
I don’t get easily angry or annoyed when small bad things happen. Sometimes even big ones.
I learned to adjust well to my surroundings and to the circumstances presented to me.
I’m not sure whether my recent frustration is due to my over thinking mind, my usual OC self or just because the people around me are just taking advantage of everything that they can.
I have been passive of the small and average bad things that people around me are doing but they just keep on stepping on the line and just recently, they have crossed it!
They went over the acceptable boundaries!
For the cold treatment I am giving them now, I can give no other excuse to them but 근양.
Yes, I am younger than them but age doesn’t dictate what level of respect a person has to give to you.
Not because I am younger means I am the person who should understand more and let their actions just pass.

Okay. Enough of the rant. Just had to let it out.

– – – wanderrwithmee


Candy Crush: Level 35 overnight. Not bad huh? 🙂

잘자요 여러분!
Chal chayo yeoreobun means good night everyone ^o^

officialstampwanderrwithmee persona

—wanderrwithmee ✈

안녕하새요 여러분 / Annyeonghaseyo yeoreobun / Hello everyone!

What is a dream chest?

A dream chest is a container which I plan to put my dream or simple wishes on a paper, roll them and place them in here. I plan to open it afterwards to check what wishes and dreams I had that came true or I have done. 🙂

Dream and simple wishes?

Yes! No matter how big or small it is. From having a ribbon collection to probably having your own home or plane!

But why?

A form of inspiration I guess? And a reminder of the kind of things I wanted and wished for. I also personally believe in the Law of Attraction.

How to have one?

Well, just get a container and pieces of paper and a pencil and voila! 🙂 As for me, I got my mini chest from a hardware store. Pretty weird right? Haha. But there are a lot of containers in dollar stores and quaint shops. It need not be expensive!

When do you plan to open them?

As of now, I can’t really tell yet. Back in 2011, I remember I wanted to open it 10 years after. As of now though, some I’ve written are still not possible so I’m planning to extend it to 15 or probably 20 years?? 🙂

Bucket List = Dream Chest?

Yes, somewhat. 🙂 Though I plan to have an online bucket list, I still want to update my dream chest because we have dreams that are too personal and I’m shy to post ’em and.. just because! It is cute too!! :>


I must admit that I haven’t really updated my dream chest because of school and other things –and I somehow just forgot to– but I promised myself to update it as much as I can together with my virtual bucket list!

Though I cannot remember everything I’ve written on the papers in my dream chest, as much as I can, I will include them together with my new dream places, things to have and things to do which will be a bit more detailed in here.

I don’t think putting it here as post is the best option cause I’ll be constantly updating it.

How about on the side? or bottom? or beside my about section? Hmm. I shall think about it.

My Dream Chest so far. No limitations. ♥

officialstampwanderrwithmee persona





—wanderrwithmee ✈

“Kopinayo days are over.. or so I thought.” – wanderrwithmee

Kopinayo = 코피나요 is a Korean expression normally used by students learning the Korean language. It means to nose bleed or to have a nose bleed. Nowadays, when people say this, they usually mean that they are having a hard time to do or to understand something.

So when they think they are studying so many things at the same time, they usually say “코피나요, 선생님 or Kopinayo, seonsaengnim!” (Seonsaengnim means teacher).

For the main reason I said the quote above, I shall explain when I blog again. As of now, I have just finished a paper work for school.

P.S: I think sharing something I learned during my Korean 1 classes can be fun too ^^






—wanderrwithmee ✈

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