Crass Writing

My entire life I’ve been labeled/typecast as masungit, snob, mataray, etc etc etc and up until now I’ve been trying to shrug it off because I genuinely could not care less about what other people label me as. But because I’ve been getting frequent comments like “Ngiti naman dyan” or “Bat ka nakasimangot?” lately (and mind you, I don’t have close relationships with the people that say these), I have to vent and speak my mind.

Before I say anything else, I want it to be clear that I’m not mad at these people. I’m just frustrated. Just as frustrated you are with my face.

First. I was born with this expression on my face. I have a perpetual unintentional scornful look. My lips are shaped in a way that suggests I’m frowning and unhappy with life. But I’m not. I’m perfectly fine and…

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