I’ve always wanted one who sings. He doesn’t even need to be good at it. (Cause I’m not also) HAHA! I just feel like he will be able to express himself better if he enjoys music. 🙂

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Date a boy who sings. The kind who’ll hum softly to himself while driving, doing the dishes, brushing his teeth, or solving a math paper. The kind who’ll break into a song because he just can’t help it. Out of the blue, like first rains, like stray sunbeams in winter. Take a minute to realise how happy it makes you. To realise that most of us break into songs only when we’re happy. How having him around just makes things a little breezier.

Date a boy who sings because he will listen. He will sense the change in your tone and the distance your voice. He will know when you don’t want to talk. And that some things are best left unsaid, unwritten, unarticulated. Like the understated sorrow in the tune of a violin, like the bold, unconquerable spirit of a bongo. He will understand the nuances of your…

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