February 13, 2014

I have been trying to find a model plane of Emirates Airlines at a store in the mall but the salespeople said that the Emirates planes were sold out.

I gave them my contact number and asked them to text me if they have already restocked.

I want to have one I can place on my desk for everyday inspiration. 🙂


I was bathing awhile ago when I heard a sudden knock on the door.

It was my sister.

Confused as to why her knocks were loud, I asked her why.

She said that my mom had a toy Airbus A380!!

I readily finished bathing and got in my clothes then rushed going to them.

As soon as I saw it, I claimed it as mine.

My mom couldn’t do anything about it!

Here it is..

airbus a380


Though it wasn’t exactly an Emirates plane, I found it beautiful.

Also because of the plane, I remembered having an airplane before!!

I used to play barbies a lot and even my mom had this habit of buying and buying things for the barbies.

Houses, beds, swimming pool, a lot of clothes & shoes and a plane — name it!

Here is the plane..

barbie planeBecause of the planes, I was thinking if I should start collecting airplane models.

Yes, it was not 100% complete as before.

The small trinkets like the sodas for the food and beverage cart were nowhere to be found.

Luckily, the mini microphone was still working!

I can imagine myself practicing flight safety procedures while using it.


Please don’t laugh at me.

Before you advise me to go see a shrink, I shall end this post right now.