February 12, 2013

I am the type of person who easily gets dizzy especially if I come across powerful scents.

My sense of smell is very sensitive.

During my third year in high school, for the first time, I found a scent that complements my body chemistry well and doesn’t make me dizzy AT ALL no matter how much I use.

The problem is..

After finishing three bottles of it, I couldn’t find it in the market anymore.

The stores were sold out and the staff said that they may restock after months.

I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

I have been waiting for 3 years or so right now.

I go to their stores at different malls just to check if they have already restocked.

The perfume being wiped from the market already crossed my mind before but I just don’t wanna give it up.

Earlier this day, I checked it again at a mall where I accompanied my sister to her doctor for a check-up.

Unfortunately, they still didn’t have it.

Then we went to my eldest sister’s house for the tutorial of my niece.

After the tutorial, we watched a basketball game via the television with my brother in law.

A thought struck me.

The sister of my brother in law formulates perfumes!!

I asked my brother in law that if ever I can bring them a sample, could they possibly replicate it.

He asked me some details about the perfume and that he’ll ask his sister.

Good thing that I didn’t throw my bottles of perfume!

Even though if you try spraying it, nothing comes out, the scent is still there!

You can still smell it from the bottle.

That is why on Friday, I’ll be taking the bottle to my brother in law for him to bring it to his sister when they meet again.

YAAAY for me!!

I really hope they can replicate the smell.

It was the only scent I’d gladly spend my money on.

I just hope that it won’t cost too much..