February 11, 2013

Today was just like any other day…..

Or so I thought.

My sister and I were at our eldest sister’s house because my sister tutors our niece every Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays.

The tutorial hours usually starts at 6 PM and is supposed to end by 8 PM.

Most of the time though, we extend because we want the tutorial sessions to be fun at the same time.

We ended the session around 9 PM.

When my eldest sister and her husband arrived, they brought something for us.

PINAIS na dulong.


pinais na dulong (sinaing na dulong)

Small native fish in batangas called dulong (anchovy fry), steamed and slow cooked (sinaing) in a clay pot, wrapped in banana leaves. and dried kamias (Averrhoa bilimbi) to give a subtle sour taste.


(C) Donnie Declaro

Words are not enough to express how much I am in love with this food.

It may seem so simple and easy to do but once you’ve tasted it, you’ll actually wonder if there are really no other seasonings added into it!

I haven’t tried making one myself but the mother of my brother in law does it so well that I wouldn’t wanna taste the dish from anywhere else.

The one they brought home was from my brother in law’s mother.

One day, I want to be taught by her personally cause I wanna replicate the exact same taste she makes it.

Even though it made me eat a little too much that late in the evening, I had no regrets.


It was worth it.

Tell me about your favorite dish. 🙂