February 8, 2014

1902951_10203520993044860_399324455_nPeople have this attitude of starting to do something with the mindset of “trying”.

It speaks a lot about people’s self-confidence if you ask me.

Why can’t just they do it and while at it, have faith in themselves?

Is it because they are playing safe?

Is it because they are afraid of failing?

Fret not if you answered yes to one or both questions.

Every one has been through this phase.

That is human nature.

What we can do about it is start having faith in oneself.

For others to fully believe in our capabilities, it is important that we know what we are capable of.

Once we know, we can then improve more on it and highlight it when the right opportunity comes our way.

I, too, am guilty of selling myself short to other people.

Apart from being afraid to be seen as too proud of myself, I also don’t have 100% confidence in what I can bring to the table.

I have yet to rebuild my self-confidence but I know that I am getting there.

I am very determined now to step up my game and just show everyone that I can do what I aspire and dream to do – without appearing as someone who is full of oneself.

This is so because of the recent realization of my dream — to be a cabin crew for Emirates Airlines someday.

Dream today; Make it happen tomorrow.