February 1, 2014

As usual..

I still haven’t 100% decided if I would shift courses or not.

I’m really torn.

But since I believe that one should always hope for the best but expect the worst, I was looking for other reasons to not push through with shifting courses.

The funny thing is that instead of coming up with more cons, I still listed more pros than cons!

Like for every con I can think of, I am able to think of two pros!

Is it a sign?

Yes, yes? 🙂


I even tried tossing a coin yesterday cause I am really confused.


For the next few days, I really plan to think about it more.

I’m actually giving myself until this week to decide.

Why am I rushing myself?

Because if I do shift, I have to fix my requirements and study for an entrance exam.

Yes, another exam.

Before I went into my first year of college, I actually took an entrance exam for the school I might transfer to.

I was actually considering it to be my school.

Though the course I applied for that time is different from what I want to shift to now.


That is about it for now.