In line with what I have posted last time about Pinterest, I am going to talk about my little luxuries.

You may wonder how they are related right?

Well, I started listing down my little luxuries because of Pinterest.

A person I have been following there had a board of her very own little luxuries.

What are little luxuries you may ask?

They are basically the things that need not cost too much – or even anything – yet make you happy or delighted or anything similar for that matter.

I have listed a few that I am willing to share to you.

First is having an enough extra time for a take-your-time breakfast in the morning at home.

If you haven’t noticed from my previous posts, I love to sleep, I don’t like waking up early and yet I don’t sleep early.

I make it a point that I just have enough time in the morning to bathe and prep myself for work.

The extra time I have after I prepare is the amount of time for breakfast – no matter how short that time left may be.

If I don’t have extra time left, I eat at work.

Come on..

We all know that being able to eat breakfast at home is a completely different experience from having breakfast someplace else.

Need I say more? 🙂

Another little luxury of mine is being served a meal in bed.

To be specific, I like being “surprised”.

It doesn’t matter if it is breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just snacks, for me, it implies that that certain person thought of you.

And I don’t know..

I just like the feeling 🙂

Having a “me” time is also one of my little luxuries.

Some people might not understand this but being alone in a public place somehow brings me peace.

It is a must that the public place should not be crowded because that ruins my idea of “peace”.

I usually enjoy being in a mall on a weekday because there are less people during those days.

My “me” day usually starts by walking leisurely around the mall.

If I find something I like, I buy it.

If I’m not on a splurge mode, I just window shop.

Having a meal at a restaurant after the walking usually comes next.

I stay there for hours.

I think about things there.

I write, read, research.

I can do everything there.

After eating and staying there, I walk again around and head home after.

My “me” days are just simple yet I realize and gain so much from the time I spend by myself.

Quite frankly, I actually have a lot of little luxuries in mind.

Though  I have yet to complete my board of little luxuries, you can see some more of those when you click the link below:

How about you?

What are your little luxuries? 🙂