As soon as I woke up today, my mom asked me and my sister to cook lunch and dinner.

She can’t do chores around the house that much because my dad has not been feeling well lately and she is around him almost 24/7 just to be sure.

My dad has diabetes and high blood.

A few days back, he said he really isn’t feeling well and he also had fever.

Today at 6 AM, he had a few tests at the hospital.

It required him to fast for 8 hours.

The results will be out by 12 noon and is gonna be received by my the secretary of my aunt.

My aunt is a known doctor at the same hospital.

The results showed that he had a high sugar and has high levels of something else.

I actually forgot the names of what I saw but I’m just sure four out of less than ten items that were enumerated there had a “H” status which stands for high.

Because there is an outbreak recently of different sicknesses here in the Philippines, we can’t help but worry.

So far though, there are no signs that his sickness might be contagious or anything similar to that.

As far as I know, there are still some tests to be done.

The sugar levels of my dad are also being monitored almost every hour.

He might stay there for 3 days or so.

I hope he gets well soon.

Prayers, please?

Thanks in advance 🙂