Forever means giving the person you love unlimited chances of loving you right every waking day of your life.

(c) Bride For Rent

Bride For Rent is actually a Filipino movie.

It is about a spoiled “emotionally damaged” guy who needed to get his trust fund because of his carelessness.

One of the requirements was he needed a marraige certificate when he reaches the age of 25.

He tried to patch things up with his ex girlfriends hoping that at least one of them would marry him.

But then there was none.

His friend suggested that they hold an audition for the role to be his pretend wife.

Then there is this girl who had a crush on him for the longest time.

She auditioned and eventually got the part.

And then it started.

Of course I wouldn’t spoil the details of the movie!!

It was a romantic comedy.

More comedy than romance for me.

This movie gave me a good laugh and I don’t ever regret watching and spending for it.

I recommend it to those who wants to laugh and learn at the same time.

It gives tips on how to stay happily married.

But then again.. it is a Filipino movie.

I don’t know if some actually produce English subtitles for Filipino films.