Today I woke up to a very cold morning.

I love the cold breeze of the wind.

The weather makes you want to sleep in all day!

My aunt, cousin and cousin in law paid us a visit and chatted with us till night.

Nothing special really happened today..

But that is only until I’ve read a wattpad story.

I’ve read a lot of stories there already.

Some I really loved and enjoyed..

Some I almost instantaneously forgot about the plot.

This story can be categorized in the former.

It was beautifully written!

It was organized and the story line was really amazing!

No words are enough to explain how much mix of emotions passed through me while reading it.

I didn’t know what to feel at certain times and it almost made me crazy!

(Oh maybe I exaggerated that a bit. Hihi)

But then I wouldn’t blame anyone if they go nuts after reading the story.

The cliffhangers were in perfect timing.

And the ending was…….

Of course I wouldn’t spoil it.

Every chapter will surely leave you wanting for more!

Well that explains how fast I finished the story.

I actually didn’t have any idea that this book was going to have a sequel!

Not until the end of the last chapter at least.


And of course..

Before I forget..

The title of the book is ”Must Date The Playboy” by notarandomgirl.

Since I’m on mobile now..

It is really hard to link it here.

Google will let you find it easily though..

You can just type ”Must Date The Playboy wattpad notarandomgirl” and I bet it’ll show up there.

As of now I’m waiting for the update of her second book titled ”Must Hate The Playboy”.

It is still on-going and has only 5 parts as of now.

When you finish the first book, it is up to you if you want to start the sequel right away or wait for it to be finished.

I honestly dislike waiting for updates so I usually just wait it to be finished before starting..

But then again…

I can’t resist the author and her beautiful works.

That is it for my fangirl side.