Finally, my blog posts are up to date!


Now (3:15PM), I am currently running errands.

Having barely 4 hours of sleep really made me sleepy today.

We left the house at 6:30AM.

Had breakfast at the office and went to MICP.

Basically, I was just there.

Like literally!

I was just following my dad all day and doing nothing else but that.

We had lunch at SM MOA because it was on the way before heading back to the office.

Before heading back to the office though, we got the list of requirements needed for a Globe postpaid plan that I really want.

Ehem Samsung Galaxy Note 3!!

But nothing is final yet.

After getting the requirements, we bought running shoes.

Yay for exercising and dieting!

I really really want to get in shape.

After that, my sis and I just dropped off our parents at the office and went straight to our grandma’s house to get a cheque.

We headed to my dad’s office and dad asked us to encash it.

So we did.

After that, we headed back to the office and he gave me a form.

It needs to be signed by the clubhouse personnel and the barangay captain.

The clubhouse personnel was just there and it was easily signed right away.

The barangay captain however is not at the barangay hall and, as I’ve heard, is still being fetched at his prior commitment right now.

And so now we’re still waiting for him.

The staff said he’ll be here by 3PM but it is 30 minutes after 3 but there is still no sign of him.


I think when I get home, I’ll sleep right away.