January 6 was officially my first day at work!

The legit kind of work.

If you don’t know yet.. I am starting to work at my dad’s company.

I am supposed to learn everything about it – from the processing of documents to the truck deliveries.


Unsurprisingly, I still have yet to fix my sleep cycle.

I slept at almost 2 in the morning but still managed to wake up at 5:30AM to prepare for work.

First, we went to the office.

We ate breakfast there and then went to MICP (Manila Int’l Container Port).

Processed some documents and waited for some papers.

Since there was really not much work to do for the day, at around 11AM, I was doing nothing already.

Cause of that, we were released from work so mom, sis and I went to the mall.

We watched a movie, ate and bought groceries.

Overall, even though I was feeling a bit sleepy especially while waiting for the documents, my first day at work was fine.

Maybe because the work needed to be done aren’t much for the day, the work load felt light and easy to do.

When the day comes that there are a lot of work, I really hope that I can still say the same thing!