As you may have guessed already…

I plan to blog every single day of this year.

Not only do I want to keep this blog active but I also want to improve my writing.

250 words per blog post will be my minimum.

As early as now, I want to clarify that not everything that  I post might make sense to you.

It will cover random things from what happened at work (yes, work) to my biases to new discoveries to my reactions on articles and such.

And to explain what I mean by work..

As I have said before here, I will have a term away from school to discover myself more and to give my dad’s craft a chance.

Who knows.. I might actually love it after trying it right?


I’ve come to realize – with the help of the internet – that since I’m going to be entering my 20s soon which is crucial for self-growth, I should dedicate this year for myself and for myself only.

Yes, I know that sounds a bit selfish but I really want this year to be for self-improvement.

I want to love myself.

Not that I do not.. but I don’t think I love myself that much.

Okay I admit that there are times that I feel that I am conceited or whatnot but there is something deep within me that doesn’t accept what I am fully.

I have a lot of insecurities that no one else knows but me.

I want to remove them all and prove to myself that I shouldn’t be feeling what I am feeling about my issues right now.

I really want to give myself a present for my 21st birthday next year and that gift is my improved self.

What do you think? 🙂