I’ll try these!! 🙂

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1. Be a social ninja.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone, gotten a great impression, then, upon walking away, realized you hardly learned anything about them? ‘Tis is the telltale sign of a social ninja. The social ninja will ask all about you, show interest in your passions, and, just like that, you’ll like them. It’s as easy as that for these connection-making warriors.

2. Make sacrifices.

Steve Jobs sold his sweet Volkswagen minibus to help pay for Apple’s start-up costs, and his co-founder, Steve Wozniak, sold his massive, old-school Hewlett-Packard calculator. Even Donald Trump (who I’m not sure we should necessarily be taking advice from) mortgaged nearly all of his properties to fund his real estate empire even when, in 1990, he was about one billion dollars (!) in debt. Steve One, Steve Two, and The Donald all had a vision, and they were willing to make…

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