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With Park Yoochun gracing the cover of the April edition of ‘Singles’, many are amazed by the extent of the ‘Park Yoochun Effect’.

The April edition of ‘Singles’, which includes a charismatic and honest interview with Park Yoochun, was released online on the 18th and broke the record as the fastest-selling edition of the magazine. A distribution company representative stated that the magazine would soon be sold out offline as well.

The ‘Singles’ homepage contains the honest and energized 50-minute interview with Park Yoochun, who was asked questions made by Park Yoochun’s fans and online Singles members. He talked about holding a concert in Tokyo Dome for the first time in four years, his thoughts on having a public relationship, and an honest confession that an act of publicizing a relationship would mean that he was considering marrying his partner.

The interview and photoshoot are available both online and offline…

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