In my university, we follow a trimestral system – three terms in a school year. Hence, the hours allotted per subject is definitely less than the usual. Due to this, our school officials are really strict when it comes to holidays and suspensions due to the weather. Also, the pace of our study is a bit faster too.

Some may see it as a negative thing but in my university, they ensure that even though we graduate earlier because of our curriculum, we are very much capable, we are trained well and we are given enough experience and practical knowledge for the new world we are going to transition to. Talk about quality education!

In every university, they call the week before finals the “hell week”. This is so because this is the week where everyone is making up for whatever they missed, finalizing all the projects, studying for the final exams, preparing for thesis defense and much more.

Though our university is still far away from the supposed “hell week” which will be around the 2nd week of April, my schedule has really been hectic that I am sometimes up until around 4-5 a.m.

Last Saturday marks the end of my Korean 1 classes. (WHICH I PASSED. YAY!) After 10 weeks of “diligently” studying and memorizing, I really want a breather. School works are suffocating already. Because of this, I am trying my best to slack off – which is normally not a good thing – to release stress by watching movies & dramas online, by surfing the net and blogging which hopefully I can do often.

This post is getting too long I guess. Until the next one! ♥


—wanderrwithmee ✈