“Kopinayo days are over.. or so I thought.” – wanderrwithmee

Kopinayo = 코피나요 is a Korean expression normally used by students learning the Korean language. It means to nose bleed or to have a nose bleed. Nowadays, when people say this, they usually mean that they are having a hard time to do or to understand something.

So when they think they are studying so many things at the same time, they usually say “코피나요, 선생님 or Kopinayo, seonsaengnim!” (Seonsaengnim means teacher).

For the main reason I said the quote above, I shall explain when I blog again. As of now, I have just finished a paper work for school.

P.S: I think sharing something I learned during my Korean 1 classes can be fun too ^^






—wanderrwithmee ✈