After I got home from a very stressful day in school due to my long exam, I jumped on my bed – literally – and opened my tablet.

As I was browsing through my facebook news feed, I came across this article which changed my mood.

Here it is…ze holy article!!

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Lee Min Ho to transform into singer and start tour in May

Popular actor Lee Min Ho will be releasing his first album and kick off a 10-city tour around Asia.

On March 14, Lee Min Ho’s agency, Starhaus Entertainment, announced, “Lee Min Ho’s special album will be released worldwide. He will kick off his live tour late May in Korea.”

“This album release is not in interest of becoming a singer but for fan service. This is like a respond to national and international fans who have supported him until now. He plans on visiting ten cities in China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines and more for the tour.”

Lee Min Ho shared, “My goal is to only become an outstanding actor so becoming a singer is out of my concerns. This is a present I’ve prepared for my fans and I am coming back with a new project as soon as possible. Thank you for the support and love.”

cr:DailyKpop news


Well, for your information, I am a big fan of his. SERIOUSLY.

He once came to the Philippines last November 16, 2012 for a brand endorsement.

The event was called Benchsetter Fun Meet which I obviously attended together with 10,000 other fans of his ^^ + my eonnie and chingu!

For my shopping experience that made me get those tickets, visit my old blog post here and please don’t laugh at it 🙂

I honestly have not done this ever before. I don’t exactly know what is in him that made me like him.

Though this event was a definite success, I don’t think that I’ve seen enough of him. I wasn’t at the nearest place too.

But wait! There’s more… :>

the sky

the sky

My eonnie came with me to the mall at around 5 in the morning to fall in line at the entrance! (November 10, 2012)

My eonnie who came with me to the mall @ 5 AM!!

My eonnie 🙂

Inside of the mall. Still closed :))

This is the inside of the mall. Still closed 🙂

 As soon as the doors opened, everyone was LITERALLY running to the store! It felt like there was a zombie apocalypse or something.

And alas! The result:

Finally!! Hard work paid off!!

Finally!! Hard work paid off!!

me with the pass :>

me with the pass :>

I must admit that as soon as I got home, I was not sleepy at all! Even though I haven’t slept for more than 24 hours already!!

Everything just wouldn’t sink in right away!! I was days away from officially meeting him +++++ a meet and greet pass which means we will be super close and because it was a handshake event, I’ll be able to hold his hand and be so close to him at the same time!!

My outfit of the day – November 18, 2012 🙂

the prim and proper me.

the prim and proper me.

the goofy me :))

the goofy me :>

The lucky girl with me below is Sam Oh! She is the host + translator for Lee Min Ho’s events while here in Manila!! Lucky!!

with Sam Oh.

with Sam Oh.

And of course……

Hand shake + eye contact with oppa!

Hand shake + eye contact with oppa!

Need I say more? This is one thing off my bucket list!

“It was mind blasting! One level above mind blowing” – Nickhun, 2PM during their What Time Is It? Manila Tour —was nowhere near what I felt during that time!! I was just… ecstatic!

He was perfect. I didn’t imagine that someone can look so good like him! It felt like I was in front of a mannequin!!

And so from that day, I swore that whenever he goes to Manila, I’d definitely have to see him again! And support his projects here as well.

Can you now imagine how fast my heart was beating when I was reading the article about his album city tour!?

I screamed and told my eonnie and my mother about it right away and I said that I will be saving money as soon as I could.

I am so excited for this tour and I hope it will really push through!

As for the album, I will of course buy one. I hope there will be closer interactions between his fans and him.

I hope I get to be one of the lucky ones as well 🙂

That is it for now.

Time to study for my KOREAN 1 finals tomorrow!

Wish me luck!

–wanderrwithmee ✈