After much contemplation on what  my first entry should be about, I decided to write about me and this journal as a whole.

I must admit that I’m still a noob at writing and that I may not be the best writer ever but rest assured that what I will be sharing will only be what I deem as the truth + some random happenings and rants in my life.

Just like what my tagline says, “A little girl wandering and exploring the world to find the beauty in all things. Eat. Learn. Travel. Inspire. Love. A backpacker someday”, I am a NINEteen year old college student – though people tell me that I am pretty much mature for my age – who loves to eat, learn from and listen to others, travel to as many places as I could, share what I know and an aspiring backpacker.

Expect to read random posts from here like what happened to my day, restaurant and food reviews – even recommendations, bags & wallets, shoes (which I love), novels I’ve read or am reading, posts related to Korea and its culture + my biases, travel-related posts and so much more.

An outlet of me is what I would like to call this journal since I plan to update it as much as I could and express myself without fear. I am a bit OC at certain things, sarcastic at times  and too hyperactive as well but I am pretty much up for anything.

Let’s Play!





–wanderrwithmee ✈